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Oct 16, 2011 11:15 AM

Last night's Swiss chard......nobody liked it! Any improvement ideas?

I was able to grab a great bunch of red chard from Wegman's yesterday. It was like $2.39 for a good sized bunch. I forgot to factor in the time to clean it. Calphalon brazier, added 3oz. diced slab bacon. Filled sink with cold water. Cut bottom 1/2 inch of the stem. Cut into 3' sections, soaked and drained well. Added 1TBS virgin olive oil and small yellow onion, diced. After about 8 mins, onion browning, and bacon crisp. Added the chard in two batches about 3 mins apart. Took almost 30 mins on low flame. S&P and a touch garlic powder. Looked great. I thought it was just "ok". The other two said "woodsy flavor" and "earthy". It didn't seem worth the effort for such neutral flavor. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. 30 min is a heck of a long time, I've only ever sauteed it for a few minutes, probably 5-8 maximum. I prefer it just wilted so it still has a fresh taste, but usually cook it just a bit longer to satisfy a picky eater. If you like the stems with some crunch, put it all in together, otherwise cook the stems for a couple minutes first before adding the leaves.

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      I agree, doesn't take as long too cook, 30 minutes would be too long IMO.

    2. This recipe is dynamite.

      (OTOH, if someone said "earthy," they may simply not care for the taste off chard. Beet haters usually don't like it, no matter how you prepare it.)

      1. A little sweet and sour helps - balsamic vinegar, or apple cider plus cider vinegar.

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          I generally make a balsamic reduction as dressing for sauteed chard, which I chiffonade and cook for under half an hour -- though, as do others from the sounds of it, I cook the stems longer than the leaves (or I save the stems for another use the next day in a different dish).

        2. I think cooking that long was fine. The thing is red chard will always have that earthy, beety flavor. Try white chard next time and it will be more mild.

          1. I discard the stem/rib. It gives the chard a completely different flavor, so you can see which way you prefer, but I agree with the first poster 30 minutes is too long.