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Save me from Chain food please = Great plain Food in Niagra / Niagra on the Lake area

Hi I'm going to be in Niagra for most of the week with my wife and I'm looking for places with great food . I am not a foodie but like a large variety of good food I'll eat just about anything. My wife is New England meat and potatoes Girl doesnt eat asian / mexican / italian .

Please help me out looking for local restraunts that are not dives with good plain food.

Thanks Al

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  1. Epicurean is plain and cheaper than most in NOTL. Not a foodie destination. Cafeteria style casual. The Angel Inn also has edible classic food on a side street in centre of old town.

    Brasa in Hilton is decent for lots of unlimited meat and salad bar! Better than Copacabana where they love crusting some meats in weird parmesan cheese.

    1. The Harp is a decent Irish pub in NOTL:


      And just a quick note that it's spelled "Niagara", not like "Viagra". :)

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        Thanks sorry about the spelling I looked at the epicurian menu and even that is to fancy for my wife. looking for more plain fare steaks / burgers / seafood

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          Did you look at the Irish Harp menu? Steak, burgers and seafood.

      2. The Benchmark restaurant at Niagara College is just lovely, and v. reasonably priced.

        1. In Niagara on the Lake you can eat or you can dine.

          Great eating places are the Little Red Rooster in N-O-T-L and The Old Fire Hall in St. Davids. They serve hearty, home cooked meals. The Red Rooster is a great family restaurant where you will often spot the actors from The Shaw Festival. We take small tours to the Old Fire hall, especially if they want a meat and potatoes meal.
          Another fun place we discovered while visiting family last weekend was Ravine Vineyard in St Davids. They have a lovely bistro and a quaint, little, general store at the back of the restored house. The restaurant offered a variety of dishes and prices and the little store sells delicious sandwiches, cheeses, fresh baked breads, and goodies. We'll be going back to assemble a picnic for another day's outing.
          We like dining at Liv (White Oaks Spa and Resort), Peller Estates, and Hillebrand. High tea at the Prince of Wales is a treat.

          Little Red Rooster, 271 Mary St, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON (905) 468-3072
          The Old Firehall Restaurant, 268 Creek Rd. Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON, (905) 262-5443 (American/ traditional foods)
          Ravine Vineyard, 1366 York Road
          Corner of York Road and Four Mile Creek Road Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

          Enjoy your visit to my ancestors' region.

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            thanks torubles i'll check them out

          2. Try the Old Winery (not actually a winery) for great pizza and other straight forward fare. Even if she doesn't like Italian she'll find something there.

            Old Winery
            2228 Niagara Stone Rd, Niagara On the Lake, ON L0S1J0, CA

            1. If you're there on a Thursday, I hear from the locals that one of the VFWs or Moose or Elks Clubs does a better-than-decent fish fry. Might want to ask around.

              1. Ginger is really excellent- it does a fusion/asian so she may not mind it
                pie plate- does lovely pies and tasty sandwiches

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                  second pie plate. really liked their pizzas

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                    I think Stone Rd might be too fancy schmancy for his wife... we love the place, but they might be a bit creative for the wife.

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                      I need to respectfully disagree with this. We brought my grandmother here and she enjoyed it. There is no one I know more meat and potatoes then my 80+ year old grandmother.

                      I think Stone Road Grille is an excellent option

                      Stone Road Grille
                      238 Mary St, Niagara-ON-the-Lake, ON L0S, CA

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                        The restaurant in the Niagara on the Lake Golf Club is a hidden gem. Good, reasonable basic menu, nice service and a great view. Open 7 days/week to the public\ and walking distance of theatres.

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                          We enjoyed it last Saturday night & because we made a res, were seated at the window with a beautiful view before it got dark. The beef pot pie was delicious as was my husband's pasta du jour (beef & shrooms). Very nice waitstaff.

                  2. Has anyone been to Queenston Heights restaurant by the Brock monument lately?