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Oct 16, 2011 08:31 AM

so "Men's Health" magazine picks the 10 Best and Worst Restaurants.

And emails them to me. Guess which one is number one as the best?
Grade: A
Congrats to Subway for being the first chain to ever receive an A on the Eat This, Not That! Restaurant Report Card. This year, Subway announced a limited-time plan to carry avocado, and all the heart-healthy fats found within, in every one of its 24,200 U.S. stores. According to the company, roughly half the stores decided to keep it on the menu once the short-term offer was over. That's huge, but not nearly as huge as the chain’s other initiative. This year, Subway cut sodium by 15 percent in its regular sandwiches and 28 percent in its Fresh Fit sandwiches. If Subway weren't already America's healthiest restaurant chain, it certainly is now

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  1. and the runner up?
    Grade: A-
    Red Lobster is a nutritional superstar compared to the other sit-down restaurant chains. The daily cast of rotating fish is the centerpiece of a menu long on low-calorie, high-protein entrees and reasonable sides. The chain might even earn an A next year if it manages to put down the salt shaker.

    1. Just a guess, but advertising dollars greatly influenced this article.

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        1. re: Terrie H.

          It's from that book series "Eat this, Not that!". By best they mean healthiest option. Focuses mainly on fast food, chains, and food court options.

          1. re: Terrie H.

            Yes, advertising for other Rodale publications.

              1. The list is for people that concerned about calorie intake.