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Oct 15, 2011 11:03 PM

Eureka Burger - Claremont

Just curious if anyone else knows about this place. I went tonight and had some really great beers and some above avereage burgers. I really like that they had some of my favorite beers on tap including Pliny the Elder and Flying Dog Double Dog Double Pale Ale. They have rotating beers on tap from Russian River and some other breweries.

If anyone is out in the IE, this place is definitely one of the best places to grab a beer and burger at.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Interesting, next time I will go onion ring since the fries were good but nothing special. Person next to me had them and they looked good.

    2. Do you prefer this place to the Back Abbey?

      The Back Abbey
      128 Oberlin Ave, Claremont, CA 91711

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      1. re: JAB

        I like Eureka Burger, like you said good selection of beers and the food is OK, but I prefer the Back Abbey, which is a block away.

        The Back Abbey
        128 Oberlin Ave, Claremont, CA 91711

        1. re: Robert Thornton

          How funny. I tried Eureka Burger last night since the Back Alley isn't open on Sundays (bad business especially during football season). And I agree everything was great. That jalapeno egg burger and truffle fries were BOMB. Great beers on tap and we just made happy hour so our beers and appetizers were discounted. Very happy with our meal.

          The service was a bit slow but I had only an hour for dinner. Had to head over to Fox Theatre for Foster the People :)

        2. re: JAB

          Yes, simply because of the variety of both food and beer. I thought the burgers were the same quality as BA. BA is so limited in choices and the food there is a teeny tad better. If it was my choice, I would be back to Eureka for the assortment of different burgers and beer alone, not to mention the flat screen tv's to watch the game.

          I had some bratwurst corn dog lollipops in addition to a burger with fries. The lollipops were okay, good flavor but no crunchy exterior. It was basically the same soft texture you would get from a microwaved corndog. Came with two sauces that weren't bad. The burger was juicy and the bun was great.

        3. We've been there three times (plus a visit about a year ago to the original Redlands location.) The burgers have been outstanding, especially the Fig Marmalade, Pearl Street, and Jalapeno Egg burgers. The regular fries are great, as is the peanut cole slaw (something I don't usually care for) but the sweet potato fries are a bit too sweet for me with the extra cinnamon and honey they add.

          The mac & cheese is fine, as is the watermelon & quinoa salad. The short rib sandwich is OK but less bang for the buck than the aforementioned burgers. Only real letdown has been the beet salad, which is scandalously lacking in beets.

          I give Eureka a slight edge over Back Abbey for burgers, but prefer Back Abbey for other dishes. The beer selection depends on your preference: Back Abbey for sweeter, yeast-ier Belgian ales, Eureka for all-American microbrewed hop-bombs.

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          1. re: Bradbury

            Double points for you, Bradbury, for using the word "scandalously" with "lacking in beets". That made me smile big.

            1. re: Bradbury

              We ere in the neighborhood Sunday and I gave the Mrs. and my sister a choice of Eureka or the Mexican joint across the street, the consensus was Mexican. After reading this thread I'm convinced we would have made a better choice going for burgers and beer instead of tepid Mexican.

              At least we dined al fresco, so that was pleasant.

              1. re: ChinoWayne

                i almost felt bad for you chino... and then you mentioned dining al fresco.

            2. I first heard of Eureka Burgers this past weekend. Friends were having dinner there. I will check it out! Thanks.