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Oct 15, 2011 11:02 PM

Umbria Agriturismo and Restaurant recommendations

Will be going to Umbria for 3 days, arriving in Perugia or any other town accessible by train from Florence and then renting a car. We are looking to drive around and eating what might be in season - truffles/ funghi, olive oil, wild boar, pears, etc. A night or two at an Agriturismo might be the perfect thing to do.

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  1. Have you bothered to look at the links provided to you here in your previous thread?

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    1. re: zerlina

      I looked through the links, yes.

      1. re: manny6

        If previous suggestions made to you in your previous query don't really suit your needs, it is probably better to "top" the same thread again with another post in it, so that other people unaware of what you've already ruled out don't end up proposing the same things to you, or give you the same links.

        Do you have a copy of Fred Plotkin's italy for the Gourmet Traveler? The book can direct you to places where the foods you are a seeking are a specialty, and while he only recommends a few agriturismi in Umbria, he does recommend some restaurants with lodgings and also some excellent restaurants in very small rural towns with b&bs, so you could still walk to dinner and have a peaceful experience, even though you are not right on a farm.

        Another possibility for you is, when you arrive in Italy, buy the Locande d'Italia published by Slow Food Editore, plus the Osterie d'Italia, and wing it from there. These books are in Italian, but they are not hard to decipher.

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          Ok thanks. Will base myself out of Speleto and Perugia and get the Locanda d'Italia book.