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Oct 15, 2011 08:33 PM

La Boulangerie, Forest Hills, NY

Has any been there for a meal? What's the lunch/brunch selections like?

La Boulangerie
109-01 72nd Rd, Queens, NY 11375

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  1. It's a simple bread bakery, specializing in a few choice items per day. No brunch or lunch menus here, but a few good sandwiches and an onion soup. They also have salads but, really, it's all about loaves of fresh bread, croissants and coffee. If you haven't been, go. If you have, what you see is what they have.

    La Boulangerie
    109-01 72nd Rd, Queens, NY 11375

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      I was there this afternoon. It was a mob scene! Love the fact that the baker was in the house. I need to get that multigrain loaf soon. So good...but oh so dangerous. :)

      1. La Boulangerie has one outstanding bread for $5, the whole grain heavily seeded loaf loaded with nuts on its crust and a dense utterly flavorful dough that is totally addictive. A little too small in diameter to be ideal for making sandwiches, but this bread with or without butter or your favorite spread is a meal in itself. All their other breads are OK in flavor but often too light in texture (huge airy holes) to satisfy my taste. In pastries, the simple buttery gateau Breton is very good and the danishes are also good, but the dough in their croissants [plain, chocolate, almond] is often leathery in texture and difficult to bite through instead of being flaky. Bonelle's croissaants are still without equal. Palmieres, various brioches, apple turnovers are OK but nothing special. The large cappuccino is served in a small bowl without a handle so you need to hold it in both hands, an unflattering turnoff. They should invest in some large cups. I have not been tempted to try their nonbakery foods. The interior is attractive and many customers obviously like sitting down for a light snack or meal with coffee, expresso, etc., whole reading a paper likebeing in the Village or Europe.

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          Yea, I tried that multigrain bread. It's sweet, nutty and just addictive. I've to limit myself to purchase half a loaf just so I don't inhale the entire thing. :)