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Oct 15, 2011 07:13 PM

Paso Robles Far Out Wineries

We will be spending a few days in the Paso area. We would like to spend one day and focus on the wineries on the west side. They have a website Does anyone have a recommendation on which ones to visit? Thanks

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  1. Thacher Winery recently won big time for their Zindfandel at the SFO wine show which is why we sought them out.

    But it was also one of the most gorgeous drives ever after some long soaking spring rains last year which made this area a must see drive on its own. Ecluse Winery also was an award winner while not part of the Far Out group, is in the western Paso Robles area.

    Taking Peachy Canyon Drive out from Paso Robles itself to get to the Far Out Group is really the way to go. And hope there is a lot of rain to green it all up.

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      Be sure to visit the Halter Ranch and Tablas Creek wineries. Both are great with fine wines.

    2. One of my favorite drives! Try Jada, small but the cheese pairing is wonderful. I really like Hearthstone, nice Italian varietal wines with a campground feel to the picnic area. Tablas Creek has fantastic Rhone varietals and is one of my go-to wineries. Opolo winery, to me, creates the perfect example of Paso style wines - fruity, jammy and big! Everyone loves Justin winery. It is a lovely winetasting room and the staff is friendly, but I think there are better wines to try (unless you want to drop serious money on Isosceles or Justification).

      Take a picnic and enjoy the day!

      1. I recommend Minassian-Young. Very good wines, especially the Zins, and David is a very knowledgeable , and personable winemaker. Also, Opolo, their 2009 Mountain Zin is outstanding.

        1. Villicana if you can snag any Zin get it, I joined the club so that I could be guaranteed because they tend to sell out quickly. and I second Tablas Creek. Pasolivo is a great olive oil producer. Villicana also has a tasting bar here so you can cover them both in one stop if you want. You can have a great lunch at Justin but you need to plan ahead to get reservations.

          1. Nadeau Family Vintners, Opolo, Norman, Dunning.

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              Some of my favorites are Proulx (pronounced Pru) , Turleys, (on Vinyard Drive Zin Alley (on 46), and Alta Colina on Adelaida.