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Oct 15, 2011 05:07 PM

HELP! I'm in Evansville IN for an impromptu interview........and

not only do I not know where to look, it looks like I may be moving here! OMG!

I saw an Indian place and one Vietnamese place and a ton of mexican.

But I hear BBQ is the way to go my first trip.

In the end, any type of BBQ or good ethnic eats is fine.

All I saw today was corporate stuff and it was sparse and bad.

I mean, I don't know what is worse, that they don't have a Chipotle or that I am using that as some sort of litmus test or barometer for what is available.

I am not sure I can do this. :(

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  1. So, I see this was posted over a month ago and I'm not sure if you made the move to E-ville, but I live here..and while we are not the food capital of anywhere...there are some decent local places. If you stick with downtown Evansville and Newburgh you will find some nice, quaint local restaurants with some pretty decent food. I won't get into specifics unless you want me to!

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      can you share with me? I'll be there for a wedding, and probably looking weekend for breakfast/lunch options. Thanks!

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        For breakfast, my favorite place is Pie Pan. It is kind of old fashioned, but I love it. It has a small menu and is pretty much down home, southern style breakfast foods, but the food is good and they have enormous portions for an extremely reasonable price. It is on First Avenue on the northside of Evansville.

        I'm not sure what types of food you enjoy a few of my favorites are:
        Chinese - MA T 888 China Bistro - the BEST egg drop soup I've had in my life. Great good, family style portions, super comfortable and friendly staff. Located on the eastside on Vogel Rd.

        Mexican - Los Bravos, this is an Evansville MUST! There are locations on each side of town. Really good authentic Mexican food. Have the cheese dip.

        Pizza - There are two great pizza traditions in Evansville - Roca Bar (the original on the southside) and Turonis (two locations- near downtown and east side). Both have great pizza (thin crust). Turoni's has a micro brewery also. The original Roca Bar is kind of a dive, but it is delicious! There is are two "knock offs" on the Northside and in Newburgh which are good...but not quite the same.

        You can have tapas at Eclipse. This is a great date restaurant. Small, local, quiet. Nice downtown location.

        Also downtown (and a few doors down) is Jaya's - Korean with a sushi bar.

        Two nice coffee places - Penny Lane- artsy, funky also serve lunch. Great chicken salad. Also Abbey Road Coffee Bean Emporium which is just north of downtown. Very local. Very nice people. Great coffee choices.

        I hope this gives you some ideas. Let me know if you have any questions or are looking for any certain foods :)