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Oct 15, 2011 04:02 PM

Cioppino in Eugene, OR Yielded 0 Results

That's what Chowhounds search told me. Is it true?

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    1. Okay. So Cioppino is a regional invention of San Francisco that has gone fairly wide, but not to Eugene.

      How about other iterations on the theme?
      Asam Pedas (Indonesian) and (Malaysian)
      Bouillabaisse (Provençal fish stew originating from Marseille, France)
      Brodetto di San Benedetto del Tronto (Italian, from Marche)
      Buridda (Italian, from Liguria)
      Cacciucco (Italian, from Livorno)
      Caldeirada (Portuguese)
      Chepa pulus (tamarind-based South Indian fish stew from Andhra Pradesh)
      Caldo de mariscos (Mexican) stew, also known as Caldo de siete mares
      Cotriade (from Brittany)
      Ghalieh mahi (Persian)
      Halászlé (Hungarian paprika-based river fish soup)
      Haemul jeongol (Korean)
      Maeuntang (spicy Korean soup)
      Moqueca (traditional Brazilian stew)
      Riblji paprikaš (spicy Croatian fish stew from Slavonia)
      Saengseon jjigae (Korean, similar to jeongol)
      Suquet de peix (Valencian stew, similar to bouillabaisse)
      Ukha Russian fish soup
      Zarzuela (Spanish fish soup)

      Wikipedia can be your friend.

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        So...a couple of days later I went to Marche and they have a Mediterranean Seafood Stew and it was very similar to a Cioppino or Bouillabaisse. It was $22 and not too bad. It could have been better if they would have backed down on the paprika, it was a bit too spicy and also the chickpeas and cauliflower which seemed to be there as a filler more than a taste element. I would have traded out most of the chickpeas and cauliflower for a little more seafood, maybe some crab and squid or octopus. If they did that they could even push the price up a bit.

      2. I remember the Fisherman's Stew at the Humble Beagle (24th and Hilyard) being very similar to cioppino and it was pretty tasty but I seem to remember thinking there could have been more seafood in it. I haven't been there in a few years but the dish is still on their menu.