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Oct 15, 2011 03:23 PM

Good Reubin Sandwich in MD?

Anyone have any suggestions for a good Reubin sandwich? It is my mom's favorite, mine too, and I'd really like to take her for a good one. I live in Howard County, MD, she's in Leisure World (Silver Spring, MD) so anywhere in those general areas would be ideal.

I tried Jason's Deli's - fatty pastrami, rye bread was pretty blah. I'm looking for one with all good ingredients, each with flavor, that balance out into a really tasty sandwich.

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  1. Brooklyn Deli off seven locks road in potomac has a good Reubin and other good jewish style deli sandwiches. The Olney Grill in Olney also has a good Reubin and is not far from leisure world

    1. I've had decent reubens at Ize's Deli and Woodside Deli in Rockville. Not as good as the Deli City reuben in DC, but a lot closer to Silver Spring.

      Deli City Restaurant
      2200 Bladensburg Rd NE, Washington, DC 20018

      Ize's Deli
      7529 Standish Pl, Rockville, MD 20855

      1. Olney Ale House has a decent reuben

        Olney Ale House
        2000 Olney Sandy Spring Rd, Olney, MD 20832

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        1. re: nickdanger

          Thanks everyone. It's not a sandwich I should be eating, what with all the fat and calories. But darn it, when I'm ready to indulge I want to eat something that is WORTH the calorie expenditure!

          1. re: ivysmom

            I think Parkway Deli on Grubb Road in Silver Spring MD would be most convenient for you.

            And I think it is more often spelled reuben.

            Parkway Deli & Restaurant
            8317 Grubb Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910

            1. re: Pappy

              Right - I had a momentary spelling lapse! So of course it's all very prominent in my post. Tks.

              1. re: Pappy

                Olney grill is much closer than parkway. Brooklyn deli is also about the same distance