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any good bluefish recipes aside from mayo and onions?

My dad gave me a ton of bluefish that he caught today. My first attempt at cooking it was a layer of mayo/dijon mustard coating the fish and then a topping of Italian-style bread crumbs and lemon juice on top. Delicious.

Does anyone have any other ideas for how to cook it besides coating it in mayo and hoping for the best?

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  1. I've tried, and liked, Fannie Farmer's Baked Bluefish Breslin. http://www.bartleby.com/87/r0362.html

      1. I pan fry lots of onion garlic and thinly sliced potatoes until almost cooked, out bluefish on top, s and p, cover, cook thru, time depends on thickness.

        1. If you can still grill, clean fish, leave whole, then stuff w/onions, rosemary, lemon slices. Wrap in foil. Grill. My mother always made a sauce of Worcestershire, butter and lemon.

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            My mother's go-to sauce for fish was very similar, though she added a little dry mustard and parsley (also dried). It's a good, quick sauce that you can make with what's on hand in most people's fridge.

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              Those would be good additions, Terrie.

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                I still do a form of this, though I use a little white wine and exchange the dried parsley with whatever fresh herb I happen to have, but the key is the butter, Worcestershire, and lemon juice.

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                What is the amount of dry mustard, please.

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                  From my mother's original notes:

                  4TBL butter
                  1 TBL parsley
                  1 tzp lemon juice
                  1/2 tsp Worcestersire sauce
                  1/4 tsp dry mustard
                  S & P

                  Meant to dress 4 fish filets. I prefer to deaze the pan with white wine and then add the rest of the ingredients. Garlic has snuck in more than once.

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                What are the amounts of Worcestershire, butter, and lemon, please.

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                  I think it's equal amounts of Worcestershire and butter by volume, or maybe a little heavier on the Worcestershire. So start out by melting 2T of butter, then add 2T of Worcestershire and 1T of lemon. It should taste strongly of Worcestershire.

                  Then add more of what you think is missing to suit your taste. I've substituted olive oil in the past, but I like the butter better.

              4. Pan fry, bake, or grill your fillet and then top it with fresh salsa or salsa verde.

                1. Aluminum foil version of fish en papillote is good with very fresh (or frozen when very fresh) bluefish. Bluefish fillet, juice of half lemon, topped with thin slices of the other half lemon, cut up tomato, onion, green pepper, pitted olives (not canned), capers, salt pepper thyme at will. Seal in foil, bake on a pan in 400 degree oven 20 minutes.

                  1. This is a recipe from Marion Morash's "The Victory Garden Cookbook" that's very good.


                    1. Haven't done it in a while, nobody is fishing anymore around here - I would just clean the fish, leave the head on. Make three or so cuts into the sides and stuff with fresh Tarragon ( or other preferred herbs of your choice), pepper and salt and a touch of Butter. Stuff the inside similarly, add a bit of lemon, wrap the whole Fish in Alu foil and bake.

                      1. This Hazan fish recipe with rosemary and potatoes works wonderfully..not to upstage the fish, but.the potatoes are fantastic when they get golden and crispy.


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                          This is how I make fish all the time. It's a cooking essential, esp. if, like me, you love fish but hate cleaning up after frying.

                          I also broil fish. Last night, I had yellowtail snapper (now I *know* I like red snapper more).

                        2. When bluefish is very fresh, and caught in a good area (far from pollution, and where they can feed on a variety of foods as opposed to just oily menhaden- think eastern LI as opposed to NY harbor) it will taste good with any recipe that you normally do for any kind of fish. Well, maybe not steaming....but any grilled, baked, or broiled recipe, with any topping or additions you like, will work. Frying is also fine if they are small blues. And don't believe the myth that large blues are too oily and strong tasting to eat. As I said, if they are caught in a good area with lots of food variety, the very largest are just as sweet as the very smallest.