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Oct 15, 2011 12:43 PM

Little Italy Bencotto or Davanti Enoteca

Visiting Chowhound. From recent posts guessing these are two good choices in Little Italy. Both
seem to have interesting menus please comment its one or the other as within short distance of
our hotel.Tks

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  1. I thought Davanti was pretty forgettable. Have heard good things about Bencotto from actual Italians.

    1. They are both very close, so you could easily get an appetizer at each one and see which you like more.

      1. I agree with Steve, try each for a glass of wine and some small plates at each.

        I found Bencotto, nice, but not amazing. Davanti was good, but also not amazing.

        1. I find Bencotto heads and shoulders above Davanti (by San Diego standards). I really wanted to like Davanti but was disappointed twice. Bencotto has some amazing cured meats and cheese platters and the pasta is fresh. Good solid choice, but I would not put their sauces on par with some of my favorite places in NYC, SF or even Portland or Long Beach.

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            Tks for the comments. Went to Bencotto and had a good time. El Chevere is right on. In general
            would return but my wife was really turned off by the pumpkin ravoili. Too sweet and the dough
            was gummy. I had black tagliatelle with a shrimp tomato sauce. While the pasta was very good
            the sauce with tons of very good shrimp was a little rich. The overall experience service and
            vibe was very positive and the prices were fair. I look forward to returning to Bencotto on
            our next visit to San Diego. Also tried Craft and Commerce on Friday. I need to return
            to this place too to figure it out . ( why no fish except mussels?) Tks all