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Oct 15, 2011 12:01 PM

Steak Tartar from frozen meat – is it possible?

Can you make decent steak tartar from previously flash frozen meat? Sirloin or eye-of-round that was super fresh when frozen. I do that all the time with salmon tartar and gravlax but would it work with beef?

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  1. I see frozen beef for tartare all the time in France -- pre-ground.

    1. Did you ever try this? Did you get sick? I'm contemplating the same thing!

      1. if you're confident of the source and sanitation of the meat, it should be fine.

        1. I have done it. Compared with the fresh, it's a 2 point deduct on a scale of 10.

          1. I know many people who will sear the outside of the meat and then freeze it. It actually makes it easier to slice thinly and it'll defrost within a minute. I'm quite certain it would work w/o cooking it as long as, like the other posters said, you are confident of the source and sanitation of the meat when you purchase it.