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Oct 15, 2011 11:59 AM

Crabs on the Waterfront in Baltimore

Hi! I live in DC and am taking my partner on a daytrip to Baltimore for bike riding and crab eating. We are taking the train there and back and our bike rental place is on Light Street in Federal Hill. Looking for a waterfront restaurant in Baltimore to eat crabs with a pretty view, good crabs, and accessible either by foot or public transport so we can get back to the train station. It would be great if it wasn't too expensive. I searched prior posts and a lot of the recs seem to not be in Baltimore proper and it's hard for me to gauge how hard it would be to get there.

Thanks much!


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  1. OK, so I just called Captain James and crab season is over. Sad. I would still like to sit outside and eat seafood, even if it isn't steamed crabs. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced outdoor seating seafood restaurant with the above location limitations? Thanks.

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      Canton Dockside. Crabs are from the Gulf but seasoning is Bawlamer.

      Canton Dockside
      3301 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21224

    2. Bo Brooks in Canton. Crabs all year, again maybe from the Gulf. Great view, can eat inside or out. Lots of choices for seafood besides crabs.

      Bo Brooks Restaurant
      2701 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21201

      1. I don't remember seeing any recs here for Riptide by the Bay, and I've never been, but it's in Fells Point and fits your parameters. Another option would be to get carry out crabs from Chris' Seafood in Canton, and walk up the hill to the top of Patterson Park where the pagoda is, get a picnic table, and eat with an expansive view of the harbor. (A taxi back to the train station should be in the $10+ range, or you could take a bit of a walk and pick up the Charm City Circulator.)

        BTW, I had local crabs last night, and the season isn't over everywhere! :-)

        Riptide by the Bay
        1718 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231

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          I think Captain James crab house is closed for the season since it's an outdoor place but local crab season is prime right now, they are heavy in anticipation of winter. You could try Nicks Fish House on the water,
          the food can be mediocre but they have a new chef so who knows.

          Nicks Fish House
          2600 Insulator Dr # 1, Baltimore, MD

          1. re: hon

            You guys are great! Thanks so much. I think we will try Canton or Bo Brooks. I really appreciate the help and can't wait until Saturday.

            Bo Brooks Restaurant
            2701 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21201

            1. re: guzelsu

              What about Obrycki's? Our hotel bartender rec'd it, but we didn't get a chance to try it. They still seem to be serving steamed crabs.

              1. re: Altaira

                tourist trap, don't go there.