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Oct 15, 2011 11:56 AM

Need Some Dinner Recs for One Night in the Penn's Landing Area

I'm staying at the Hyatt the week after next at Penn's Landing and would like some Chow worthy recommendations within walking distance if someone could point me in the right direction. Most any cuisine is up for consideration, let's say entree prices in the $20-$35 range. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I've never stayed or dined in downtown Philly, and potentially won't have the option of doing so again, so send the best advice you can please,

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  1. Amada (Spanish tapas), Han Dynasty (Szechuan), or Zahav (Israeli).

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        Agree with Philly Ray.
        If you would like a nice beer selection and pretty good Cajun influenced pub grub you might try the Khyber on 2nd St.

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            Sorry, I missed the part where you said "one night" thought you were staying longer. I'll let others decide whether Garces is a serious chef, kind of doubt he's hands-on at many of his restaurants.
            All of Philly Ray's suggestions are great.
            Another option is Buddakan at 4th & Chestnut if you're after Pan-Asian.

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              Celebrity chef status, not withstanding, I think its fair to say that Garces has made a big impact on the Philadelphia restaurant scene. Amada and TInto were the first serious tapas restaurants in the city, Distrito really brought true flavors of Mexico to a broader audience, and Garces is clearly committed to the support of local agriculture and the "farm to table" concept, so much so he bought a farm in Upper Bucks County to grow food and raise animals for his restaurants. While his restaurants might not be the first place that I would go to eat in Philadelphia, if I only had one night, he is certainly serious about food, and I find a refreshing alternative to the ersatz "Starrification" of the dining scene in Center City. So if you want Tapas.. go to Amada (and if you have a big enough group get the suckling pig).

              If you only have one meal and your goal is to have a world class unique meal in Philadelphia.. Zahav is definitely worth considering. Solomonov is a very serious chef, and is getting national recognition for his restaurants.

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                Thanks very much for insights, I will certainly take under consideration.

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                  Basically, look for discussions here regarding Olde City/Society Hill, because that's all nearby for you. I'd recommend (depending on mood) Amada, Han Dynasty or Zahav.

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                    If you want something close to an official score, Garces beat Solomonov in their Iron Chef battle, 75-59.

                    The secrect ingredient was passion fruit. ;))

        1. Well it turns out now that I'm in Philly this Wednesday too. It's my friends birthday, and he loves sushi, so I've made reservations at Morimoto, which if I recall correctly receives good reviews on this website.

          As for next Monday, I'm looking at the other three recs pretty closely, and just have not decided yet. Han Dynasty is intriguing to me, I'm not sure I've had Chinese before at that level.

          1. Was in town for a wedding reception on the Spirit of Philadelphia last weekend, so we took the happy couple out to dinner at Amada on Friday night to celebrate. Went for the splurge tasting menu and was not disappointed with anything served. Was really surprised that the highlights of the meal were the pulpo (octopus) and serrano and fig salad. The pernil asado was very tasty, but not the revelation that some other posters felt it was. Actually, the variety of textures was made it special more than the taste. The service was a bit uneven at first, but then balanced out into the meal. Even though we are not local, and really like variety, I would certainly dine here again the next time I am in Philly and in the mood for tapas.