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Oct 15, 2011 10:40 AM

Any Persian dinner buffets in Vancouver ?

Plan on introducing some house guests to Persian food this weekend. We're no Persian cuisine experts ourselves, but I was thinking maybe heading up to Yaas Bazaar on Lonsdale in N. Van. as it's more casual than a real sit-down resto.

Which then got me thinking if there's a buffet option somewhere, that'd be more fun and flexible for our guests.

Ideas ?

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  1. I happened to have lunch at Yaas yesterday, and it was very good. I also had the salty yoghurt soda which was unusual and enjoyable. Interesting and tasty dishes with a very authentic feel. Need to brush up my Farsi!

    I remember hearing about a Persian restaurant on pemberton ave that is quite good, but the name escape me and also fails to show up on a google search. Anyone know the place / been there?

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    1. re: Le Beep

      That would be Kashcool. I recommend going to Yaas Bazaar for the introduction. The food is surprisingly good for a cafeteria.

      Lotus - while you are at it...go to Ayoub's Nuts which is just down the hill a bit from Yaas.

    2. Thx Le Beep, if you ever find out the name of that place, let me know. I don't go over to N. Shore all that often these days.

      Will do, Fmed. IIRC, Yaas' bakery also moved out and is next door these days ? I've not been since June.

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      1. re: LotusRapper

        Not that I can remember. It was in the left side of the store the last time I went (Aug?).

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          We ate at Yaas after all last night. Was loved by our dinner guests, definitely different than anything they've been.

          Fmed: bakery is now on Lonsdale @ 13th, same side of street as Yaas. But we never made it there as LR Jr. fell asleep right after dinner and it was already kinda late for him (8:40pm) so we'll hit the new bakery and Ayoub's next time.

      2. Not sure if it still exists but Pink Elephant used to do a buffet. It's somewhere in North Vancouver (off Lonsdale on a numbered street).

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        1. re: brokentelephone

          Long gone...none of the buffets on Lonsdale have survived.