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Oct 15, 2011 10:08 AM


I am wanting to do a roasted chicken thigh on top of grits, but I'm not sure what type of sauce to go with this. Has anyone ever had anything similar to this? Any ideas on what type of sauce I could do?

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    1. Chicken gravy comes to mind. Would white sausage gravy be over the top? Grits and sausage gravy were made for each other. I think that would make the chicken happy.

      1. I vote mushroom and herb cream sauce

        1. Creole sauce would be good and it can be done low fat.

          You could spice up the chicken or blacken it and serve with cheese grits.

          A creamy chicken gravy with fried green tomatoes on the side.

          Damn, now I have to make some cheese grits!

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            ooooh, cajun dave!!! i love shrimp n' grits and just thought how amazing it would be to make a jumbalay of sorts with chicken shrimp andouille over grits. mmmmm...

          2. Grits would go well with just about any sauce or gravy I can think of. Maybe a nice pan sauce made with sherry & caramelized sweet onions, or take mattstolz's suggestion and do cream, sage & sauteed mushrooms. Or deglaze with raspberry balsamic, add orange zest & chicken stock and reduce, maybe serve over smoked cheese grits...