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Oct 15, 2011 08:49 AM

Deli Discussion

I started this thread back in June and the quest continues. We recently drove to No. Ca. and did take the time and planned on stopping at Brent's in Northridge for lunch. What a treat!!! with a capital T. Being born and raised in Bergen County NJ, and respectfully always arpimd New York Jewish citizens this is the fondation for my journey. You also can't beat Cantor's in Hollywood. Only problem is both of these great NY style deli's are over 100 miles from us. For my money, it seems to be Elija's - the old Sampson's - in La Jolla. It is near my Dr. (15 miles away) but when I am in the area I try and stop for pastrami or corned beef sanwiches. BTW, they just stopped serving the picled tomatoes on the table. They still have the pickle jar, but probably a sign of the times...and not a good sign. in MHO. Thanks.

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  1. I hate to ask, but I will. How on earth do you put Brent's and Cantor's in the same category as Elijah's???

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      I don't think they did that at all, daantaat - they just were saying that it is an acceptable option in this area.

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        I am not comparing Elija's w/Cantors or Brents...Said this is probably the one for me in San Diego. Just my opinion. RB Hound said it as well as I did in fewer words. Thanks.

      2. Langner's is a bit closer and beats Brent's and Cantor's for pastrami. I know that's not much help, but all the deli (DZ, Elija's, Milton's...) in SD are about the the same. If you can find one that pleases you stick with it.

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          Langer's is great. Right up there, But the parking is brutal. Plenty of parking at the other two...of course nowhere's near each other. I also agree, most of the deli's in San Diego are about the same. Sometimes I will buy a few pounds at Milton's on the way South and make up at home. I have alittle more control that way.

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            Langer's has its own parking lot one block away and we never had problems to find a space

        2. There is a food truck called New York on Rye that is serving deli food that started serving in the last week or two. Haven't gotten a chance to try it yet.