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Oct 15, 2011 08:45 AM


good morning CH!
I snagged reservations last minute and it's my 1st time at Bazaar.

What should I order? The best dishes, and what to skip?
I'm sort of on a budget, but want to try the highlights and dessert is a must!

I was thinking the floating island (coconut foam?) and need 1 more or so choice for dessert.

I will of course try the spherical olives! I just had the ferran adria's at his new place in Barcelona that he opened with his brother ( which was in the house when I was there!) it will be nice to compare.

I want molecular food and drinks and some traditional tapas (ie: chicken Croquetas)



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  1. Mussels escabeche and Mozzarella-tomato pipettes are good.

    The Liquid Olives were disappointing I thought.

    1. After an amazing meal, mainly off the molecular menu, we found dessert (served in another area) to be a real letdown, and a little bit of a mood-killer. If you are on a budget, consider skipping this in favor of a molecular cocktail or extra helping of olives.

      1. Hi Yesi.

        I remember reading some of your posts on the Spain board before your trip to BCN. I hope you enjoyed it! I also made it out to Tickets and really enjoyed the olives there. The ones at Bazaar seem to have less flavor than the ones at Tickets, which had a distinct flavor from the spices in the marinade.

        You may find the other molecular offerings less impressive than at Tickets but certainly worth the comparison. I tend to enjoy the more traditional tapas at Bazaar but do enjoy the modern caprese already mentioned. The tortilla from the modern menu is also worth ordering IMO. From the traditional, I recommend the wild rice/cheese dish (with truffles if they have them).

        1. you should defininately try the cheesesteak sandwiches and foie gras cotton candy.
          Other dishes that I really like at the Bazaar are boneless chicken wings and croquettes
          aaaand skip the watermelon nigiri it was such an off putting dish for me =/
          the desserts there are not as good as their food but its not too bad so its worth a try

          1. whatever you order, please order double and send me a care package!

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              Thanks everyone!
              Now I have a good idea of what to get. Croquetas for sure, cotton candy foie, I want to try the cavar cone (too bad is not osetra caviar), the new wave potato "tortilla" and the modern olives to compare with "tickets"
              Searching: I also thought tickets was amazing! Molecular but still wonderfully flavored and the spherical olives at tickets are hard to duplicate

              I had originally written a review here on CH, but because I linked my blog (in order to save time and not have to re-post all my pictures, THEY REMOVED THE POST.
              Which seems odd, being that others like Uhockey plugs his blog at the end of every post here on CH!
              I got fed up and was not about to re post it for chowhound to remove it again

              If Interested you can search tripadvisor for my review in the Barcelona forum (under my same name as here) and there's a link for you to see the pictures from tickets and cinc sentits.

              Thanks again everyone!


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                Sorry that I saw this too late. We went last week and had a great time. Service was spot on. We loved the Philly Cheesesteak, the eel tacos, serrano ham with the tomato bread, salty new potatoes with aji verde sauce (dip the tomato bread into this), mussels. I ordered the olives off menu and thought they were great. The ones we don't need to have again (but they were still good) were the shrimp, cauliflower couscous, chicken croquettes, the thing called something like the original tapas (basically Russian potato salad with carrots and peas. Dessert was great - panna cotta the best. Got comped additional desserts - The Nitro, salted caramels in edible paper (phenomenal) and peanut butter rice crispies and white chocolate lollipops with powdered strawberry. YUM!!