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Oct 15, 2011 08:29 AM

Voyou Wine Bar - Hillcrest

Went there last night and really enjoyed it. Possibly my new favorite spot in Hillcrest.

The owners are French, and seem to be pretty serious oenophiles. The list of wines by the glass has some gems on it. Standouts for me last night were a bordeaux with a name much too long for me to remember, and a French sauvignon blanc/viognier blend.

They have a small menu of bistro fare, and the three things I sampled were quite good. A charcuterie plate with imported meats and pate, duck crostini, and mac and cheese.

The mac and cheese had a distinctly French presentation, served in a large gratin dish, giving an excellent ratio of browned gruyere to the bowtie pasta.

Our friend had duck crostini, which consisted of beautifully cooked slices of duck breast, on French bread with a little pesto. This was a winner that I plan to return for.

I think my favorite thing about this place is that it has a distinctly European aesthetic, where the concept of wine and food isn't presented with trappings that make it seem like some lofty thing only to be enjoyed by snobs. It does have some nice decor, but the atmosphere is laid back, and the food and wine are presented in a really down-to-earth way.

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  1. Friends and I have been wanting to go, now it looks like we'll stop putting it off and head soon.
    Will be a chance to practice my French.

    Would you recommend going on an empty stomach, i.e., will the food be satisfying enough or dinner? Or is it best to just nosh on the appetizers? Some wine bars (Wet Stone and Counterpoint come to mind) don't serve food substantial enough for dinner hunger panes.

    Thanks, Josh, for the write up. Looking forward to going.

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      Definitely substantial enough for a full meal.