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Apr 24, 2006 09:41 PM

BBQ Tasting: The results are in.

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Close to 40 Hounds and others met yesterday for a blind BBQ tasting. We tasted pork ribs from 10 places and brisket from 5 places. The participants kept careful track of which meat was which and used rated the items on:
-- Meat (tenderness, quality, flavor)
-- Sauce
-- Smoke
-- Overall Taste.

We toted up the results on the Overall ratings and they are below. We had some repeats of ratings from earlier tastings, found some new favorites, and confirmed our belief that the best ribs and the best brisket don't necessarily come from the same establishment.

And now to the ratings, on a 5-point scale: Drum roll, please! Fourth place for ribs was a tie.

*** RIBS ***

1. Woodys on Slauson near Cresnshaw. Overall rating: 3.8

2. ribs from a private club in Santa Monica supplied by Tom Swift. Overall rating: 3.6

3. Baby Blues, 444 Lincoln Blvd., Venice. Overall rating: 3.5

4. Zeke's, Montrose. Overall rating: 3.4

4. JayBee's, Gardena. Overall rating: 3.4

5. Prayer Assembly Church of God, ElSegundo & Avalon (only available Friday and Saturday) Overall rating: 3.3

6. Rib Nest, 1766 W. ElSegundo, Gardena. Overall rating: 3.0

7. Dr. Hogly Wogly, 8136 Sepulveda Blvd., Panorama City. Overall rating: 2.9

8. Phillips, 2619 Crenshaw. Overall rating: 2.8

9. Joey's, 117 W. 2nd, Pomona. Overall rating: 2.6

*** BRISKET ***

1. Phillips, 2619 Crenshaw. Overall rating: 3.4

2. Joey's, 117 W. 2nd, Pomona, Overall rating: 3.2

3. JayBee's, Gardena. Overall rating: 3

4. Rib Nest, 1766 W. ElSegundo, Gardena. Overall rating: 2.7

5. Dr. Hogly Wogly, 8136 Sepulveda Blvd., Panorama City. Overall rating: 2.5

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  1. Was J&J Burgers & BBQ on Adams included? If not, they should have been.
    Curious, what good does ribs from a private place do any of us???

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      My assigned source was Hogly-Wogly but I got a last minute heads-up that a sudden influx of people required additional meat. The ribs were readily available and on the way to the venue. It's really no different than the meat from some outstanding place in Texas that was brought in as a ringer at the last tasting.

      1. re: TomSwift

        How could JRs not been included. 'Tis a crime.

    2. One minor correction, the Joey's 'Q was from the Mothership, Riverside & East End in lovely, balmy, sweet scented Chino.

      And if we had beef ribs as one of the categories, Joey's woulda won that one hands down.

      Link: http://www.indefatigable-indolence.or...

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      1. re: Chino Wayne

        Chino, try J&J the next time you are in LA, near LaCienega & Washington.

      2. Who brought the cold noodles that had some shrimp and hard boiled egg in it, a nice change to the usual BBQ accompaniaments.

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        1. re: Chino Wayne

          That was me! Pancit Malabon, which is a pretty traditional filipino dish. Very popular accompanyment for phillipine BBQs.

          A little break from the my family (dad's side of the family is from Malabon in the phillipines) had ordered it the previous week for easter (don't worry, I got a new batch that morning) from Manila Sunrise in Carson on Main Street, next to St. Philomena church.


          1. re: Xericx

            I THOUGHT that was Pancit!! It was yummy thanks! Sorry we didn't get a chance to chat... but hopefully see you at another event! :)

            I'm wondering who brought that yummy Mac N Cheese... Nummmm...

            1. re: Dommy!

              I loved the mac & cheese. I remember the person who brought it but do not know her name. I also loved Sandra's au gratin potatoes, Joe's cornbread, and Patrick's Boston brown bread.

          2. re: Chino Wayne

            It was very good - thanks Eric!!

          3. Just curious, who picked the 10 restaurants that were judged. I noticed 3-4 well known BBQ joints not included & am wondering how the selection process worked.

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            1. re: Hakim

              The places were picked via a survey among the attendees. I know that a couple places (e.g., Bad 2 da Bone) were sadly bypassed since they were not open at the time of the event (12:30 pm on Sunday).