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Oct 15, 2011 07:21 AM

places to get yakamein

Can we generate a list of places to get yakamein? Right now the only place I know is Manchu on Claiborne. Can anybody add to this list?

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  1. We like the yakamein from the old Taco Bell at Claiborne and Louisiana Ave. We get the chicken and shrimp, ask for it spicy, about once a week. It's under 5 bucks and is enough for 2. The rest of the food here is so-so, but the red beans with sausage are not bad. Tried Manchu on Broad, and was not impressed.

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    1. re: ichabodsdad

      Is there another name for it besides the old Taco Bell? Also, are we talking the same Manchu? The one I speak of is on Claiborne. Is there a second location?

      1. re: teachergirl23

        The Old Taco Bell is actually called Orleans Seafood. Got my Yakamein fix yesterday. The Manchu I referred to is on Broad between Orleans and Ursaline. Not very good.

        Orleans Seafood
        3301 S Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70125

    2. Cajun Seafood - at Washington and Broad

      C&A Seafood - at Earhart and Jeff Davis

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      1. re: Shiloh

        The only Cajun seafood I know of is also on Claiborne. Is there a second location?

        1. re: teachergirl23

          Not sure if it's the same operation, but yes the place i mention on Washington and Broad (an old red-roof Popeye's building) is called Cajun Seafood. Where is the one on Claiborne?

          1. re: Shiloh

            The one I'm thinking of is on Claiborne between Esplanade and St. Bernard.

      2. Eat Well Market at Canal & Broad.

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        1. re: gourmondo

          That place is top-notch. A solid banh mi without having to drain a tank of gas. Nice people, too.

        2. Since it sounds like you're in Treme, or at least very near by, go to the orange store at Rampart and Kerlerec. It's not actually called "The Orange Store." Rather, the Rampart Food Store. It just happens to be both a store and orange. Its not *quite* as dodgy as manchu, but pretty much. Anyhow, their Yakamein is better than Manchu on claiborne. Also, added bonus... I think they might have the best shrimp po'boys in town. No joke. I'm still looking, but I have yet to find better.

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            Miss Linda's yakamein shows up at the Freret Street Market and other festivals/markets around town

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              Thanks, Jbzieman. I'll check it out the next time I'm in your fair city. Meet me there?