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Oct 15, 2011 06:59 AM

ISO Dried Shrimp Roe

After several failed attempts, and around a dozen so-so efforts, I've finally got my Hong Kong style egg noodle recipe dialed in. The flour/egg/water/sodium carbonate ratios are right, I've got a kneading system worked out, and I'm employing a stopwatch for a perfect cook time. But, one of the dishes I'd like to use these noodles for is the simple dry style noodles with broth on the side and a dusting of dried shrimp roe. I've got a simple and pretty good broth, but I can't seem to find the shrimp eggs anywhere. I've tried Cmart, and the place on Oxford street, but no luck. Places like HK eatery be getting them somewhere. Any ideas??

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  1. Which Cmart did you try? I'd try the larger Cmart on Herald St. and also Ming's down on Washington St., since they are larger and have pretty big dried/canned goods sections. If you don't read Chinese, it'd probably be worth having it written out, so you can show that to staff at the stores, who might be able to help you find what you are looking for.

    I was also at Kam Man in Quincy yesterday, browsing the canned/dried seafood shelf, and I think I might have seen it there (although I'm not totally sure). But if Kam Man has it, I would think others within Boston would too.

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      Call Federal Fish... he carries all sorts of crazy asian specialties. They'll probably sell you cash but you'll have to buy a couple of lbs.

      617 541-5800

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        I assumed that the Cmart on Washington was the big one. I'll definitely try the Herald street location and Ming's too. I don't usually think to go south of the turnpike for this type of stuff. Thanks!