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Oct 15, 2011 04:16 AM

Oysters questions

How can you tell if they're dead or alive?
Can you freeze them? If you can, do you freeze them on the half shell or keep both shells on?

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  1. When I have opened a raw clam that was bad/dead--it smelled terribly. I have never had a bad/dead oyster luckily. No, you cannot freeze oysters in the shell unless you mean for one hour to make them easier to open.

    1. If you can't pry them open, your oysters are still alive. I suppose you could freeze them, but you would definitely kill them if you did. If you froze them on the half-shell, they would not be very palatable once thawed.

      1. I was thinking for making oysters rockefellar. If I opened them, topped them and froze them, so I could just bake on the day of?

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          No, this won't work. What is it that you are trying to do? If it's a make-ahead oysters Rockefeller, already assembled and frozen, I'm afraid that you can't.

        2. Frozen Oysters are commercially available, both in the shell, half shell, and out of the shell.

          Those out of the shell are frozen with liquid.

          Frozen, prepared Oysters Rockefellar are commercially available.

          1. Now I am confused again. Terri, you said it won't work, but Alan you said it will. What makes the commercially available oysters rockefellar work and personally made ones not? hmmmmmmmmm That's a wondering.

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            1. re: itryalot

              I will just suggest that you find one of these frozen preparations and try them, and compare them to what you have enjoyed made freshly. Let us know if you try it - I've been mistaken often enough!