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Oct 14, 2011 08:50 PM

Vancouver Street Carts in The Guardian

Much like a Beard Papa confection it's fluffy/sickly sweet/somewhat lopsided and ultimately inconsequential

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    1. re: fmed

      Hyperbole indeed - "This being Canada, everyone is super-nice and rather earnest." ;)

    2. Agree re the hyperbole. He was smart to pass on the Love Meat though...

      My favourite street cart item so far is the cod taco from Tacofino. Even the flour tortilla didn't put me off
      :-). Still too expensive though.

      1. I just want to know why the "unofficial mayor of Gastown" would hold court at the New Oxford.

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        1. re: peter.v

          Further: I believe it is Sean Heather who currently holds the title "unofficial mayor of Gastown" )....or is it Mark Brand?)

        2. Can't believe that Vancouver is described as "best food cart scene in the world" and there was no mention of Portland where the sheer number of carts, quality and diversity put us in our righful place as bush-league.

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          1. re: tangentdesign

            Maybe he meant the "best food cart scene in the Commonwealth."
            I think Portland's food cart pods with tables enable them to be part of their neighbourhood places where people can hang out and eat really good food.
            Vancouver will probably never have pods, and so far, the food quality in the ones I've tried does not compare to Portland.