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Oct 14, 2011 07:49 PM

buttermilk pie variations

I am on vacation and just had dinner at the Branding Iron BBQ and Steak house in Mena, Arkansas. They had an interesting pie on their dessert menu. They called it "Bearcat Pie". I just had to ask what it was.

Apparently, it is a buttermilk pie with coconut and pecans added.

Now, I have never baked or even eaten a buttermilk pie but it is a custard pie made with sugar, buttermilk, eggs and flavorings (sometimes they add flour sometimes not) poured into a pie shell and baked.

This Bearcat pie had coconut and pecans added. Sadly, I didn't try the pie.

I was wondering if a buttermilk pie is any good. I assume it is. I was also wondering what other kinds of variations are there for buttermilk pie.

Have you chowhounders got any interesting variations?

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  1. I really like this Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pie.

    And it's just perfect with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

    1. Take it from a southerner, buttermilk pie is GREAT! It is also easy to make. You should try the pure form first, just so you know what it tastes like without add-ons, and then move on to other variations.

      1. My favorite pie as a kid was sour cream raisin pie. This was a custard made with eggs, sour cream, brown sugar, and sweet spices (cinnamon etc), and lots of raisins. The raisins tended to settle, producing a mincemeat like lower layer, and pumpkin pie like top.

        I could see using buttermilk in place of the sour cream.

        1. Oh, do I have fond memories of my Mom making Buttermilk Pie while Dad sang "Buttermilk Sky." Haven't made that in years--thanks for reminding me!

          1. I can't recall if it started with the Louisiana side of my family or if my aunt clipped the recipe out of the paper, but buttermilk pie was an essential highlight of cold weather baking in my youth. It was the capstone to Christmas, and a snack between meals on Thanksgiving. As my aunt made it, buttermilk pie was classically Southern-sweet, with a strong taste of lemon rind and some cinnamon. Personally I prefer to reduce the sugar and lemon so that my filling is just this side of tangy with a hint of cinnamon.