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Oct 14, 2011 07:17 PM

Curry with Dietary Restrictions

So I have started a dietetic internship rotation in a renal outpatient clinic, and we have a lot of E Indian & S Asian patients for whom curry is a dietary staple. Well, these patients desperately need to limit their Phosphorus, and Potassium, which means no tomatoes, no yogurt, no coconut milk, or any other dairy.
Can anyone use their culinary creativity to help me come up with a way to let them make curry without these ingredients? Please help! It breaks my foodie heart to tell them they need to cut down/out the curry.
Thank you!

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  1. Bless you for asking this. I didn't realize that Indians had a lot of diabetes, unless their diets had gotten very westernized. Is that what causes it?

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      um no. this isnt actually a diabetes issue. its renal disease. and we have a range of cultures,.. its just the curry in particular that Im struggling with finding a substitute.

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        I will add that South Asians have huge problems with diabetes and are at high risk of getting it.

      2. Reduce almond milk to a thicker, saucier consistency and use that in place of coconut milk/dairy.

        1. Until I learned about curry, I didn't know they included coconut milk, yogurt, other dairy or tomatoes. My container of curry just said to saute onions, saute meat and then add curry powder and stock--would that simple recipe work? I also make curried tuna or chicken salad by just adding it to a mayo based salad along with some chutney, apple and nuts.

          1. I'm not much help, I've only dabbled a little bit in Indian cooking. But I have come across some recipes like this without tomatoes or dairy.

            They probably don't need to cut out the curry, perhaps just find some older recipes and a little creativity. What about finding someone local who teaches Indian cooking, you might find a valuable resource in that.

            1. For more authentic recipes, I know there are some curries that use ground cashews as a base for the sauce.

              If I were trying to make a creamy curry without yoghurt, then I might try experimenting with soft tofu, and adding lemon or tamarind to make it tarter.