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Oct 14, 2011 06:34 PM

Costco-salted caramel bark

Chula Vista

My sister saw salted caramel bark today at her Costco, it came in a container like their peppermint bark does.

Has anyone tried this yet? Wondering how good it is or if we should make it ourselves. It had chocolate and pretzels in it also. it was about $12.00 or so for 2 lbs. (at least I think that's what she said).

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  1. I'm sorry to have to inform's the bomb. The peppermint bark is more commonly called Christmas Crack in our family - this is just as good. Little pieces of toffee sprinkled throughout, too. Geez, now I have to go get more........

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    1. re: apodder

      Ulp. Was wondering about this item myself. I have been warned.

    2. apodder-thanks....I guess! lol
      No really thanks for the feedback. Guess I'll have to see if we have it here in Vegas or if I should plan a trip to So Cal soon.
      My sister still wants to try making it ourselves on her next visit. I found a couple of recipes online, doesn't look too hard but I'd still rather just buy and enjoy.

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      1. re: julesrules4food

        Did you and your sister make it yet? What recipe did you use and how did it come out?

        1. re: happy_macomb

          No we never made it. Her trip to visit me was too short for any cooking/baking in October and she hasn't been back yet. if she comes for Christmas I'll probably buy some if they still have it. The Costco stuff just looks too good to try and duplicate.

      2. I think this was about $11 for two ounds at Burbank Costco two days ago.

        1. Awesome..going this morning and will hunt it down!

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            Didn't see it today at the Kirkland store - just Peppermint.

            1. re: FoodDee

              Yeah, there are apparently four kinds of the bark (the peppermint, the toffee, the salted caramel and the chocolate pretzel). The Costco I was in this morning was out of the toffee and the chocolate pretzel. I'm not having good luck with seasonal stuff anywhere this year: I keep getting told "sold out"!

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                had the salted carmel, I opened it up on the way home, don't ask how long it lasted!