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Oct 14, 2011 06:09 PM

Restaurant week(s) start on 16th.. who's pre-fix menu's are you excited to eat?

I am still trying to strategize what nights, + a couple lunches, I want to eat during the pre-fix resto festivities that is "Restaurant Week" extravaganza... I get this was begun I believe 3-4 years ago to put people in seats during a traditionally slower time of dining out for Seattle resto's (rain, short dark days, school, work, traffic slogs that had everyone calling for chinese for delivery and not dining out).

All that said, I think it has become an amazing success - provided that the resto you choose has truly tried to bring their game to YOUR table, and give you a meal that will make you want to come back for not-a-discount; In other words, they got you to come to their establishment with the idea, or the menu online, and they PERFORMED. As in, for the price, you really liked what you had, and hopefully they got you to get glasses or a bottle of wine (add to the bottom line check), and you want to visit again.

What have been your best experiences from the LAST time we did this ( springtime), and who's menu's - many are samples, albiet, but like LARK's is as of now saying theirs is what they are serving for the upcoming week.... - have your found that sample is same as what you find when eating there during resto week?

Where do you want to eat, what new places (or old fav's you can visit for less $$ and indulge in the love), or who is not exciting you to come on down due to the menu planned?

I am going to Lark, Anchovies & Olives, and Spring Hill for dinner so far, what about you?

Spring Hill Restaurant & Bar
4437 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Anchovies & Olives
1550 15th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

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  1. A few weeks ago when I went looking for reservations for our next girl's night out, many places were already showing no availablity. Was hoping for Crush or How to Cook a Wolf, but ended up with Spur. Last RW we had a very good meal at Stumbling Goat Bistro.

    Stumbling Goat Bistro
    6722 Greenwood Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98103

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    1. re: Jeri L

      Good for you on Spur, hear many good things... I think you might really enjoy it.

      Post your meal experience, as have not made it there yet, but heard much aclaim.

      Thanks for posting!

      1. re: gingershelley

        I am never happy with this promotion, since the desserts are always so boring that I never would have ordered them, and my app and entree wouldn't usually have costed more than $28 (the entree choices are usually boring too). The prix fixe meals at Lecosho and Bastille, places I otherwise like, made me shrug last spring. But I will go to Stumbing Goat, where we eat often anyway, because 2 of my favorite menu items, the butter lettuce salad and the trout, are being offered with the menu, and it's indeed cheaper during the promo.

        (BTW it's "prix fixe", meaning a fixed price for a complete meal)

        1. re: christy319

          Thank you for your comments Christy, and my embarassed apologies on prix fixe - which I should know - my BF is French... I am always messing up, even after nearly 3 years together when spelling it...

          We will check out Stumbling Goat. Thanks for the mention.

          I agree, that many places are very ho-hum during resto week promo; as in, they seem to want to make same margin on meals for the cost, rather than realize that this is a chance to introduce NEW customers, get them in their seats, and have them RETURN when the promo is over.
          That was the reason for my post; for fellow local CH's to tell of where they had had success with trying some of these menu's at places that worked for your dining happiness during the promotion, rather than just ringing up a full dining room to cover a tough down time, and anyone coming for the promo never to return... that seems very short sighted to me.
          My BF and I have been to a few RW places, and just skipped the prix fixe option as it did not sound good, and just ordered what sounded best off the main menu, due to this problem, and sometimes the kitchen is not up to par on it's main menu since it is full of diner's that don't normally go out and are all about the value meal.

          It is a quandry, again - hence my post to get feedback on other's experiences of this promo...

          1. re: gingershelley

            We actually had good luck several times at The Georgian Room - they usually serve regular menu items on the $28 prix fixe - though it was a bit tacky last year when they actually told you what it would have cost if you had ordered the items ala carte. We had a really poor dinner last year at Barking Frog though it has been better in the past. I'm going to give it another try this year for lunch.

            Barking Frog
            14580 NE 145th Street, Woodinville, WA 98072

          2. re: christy319

            In defense of pastry chefs, these promotions are particularly hard on us. For the hot line, it's just busy like Saturday night all the time, but desserts go from 30-50% sales to 90% sales, so pastry gets to double or triple their work load when everyone gets the prix fixe. You end up making whatever is easiest to make the most of in a short time, like panna cotta and baked custards. It can end up boring, just like how many places do you think have squash soup on their PF menus right now? FWIW.

          3. re: gingershelley

            Report on Spur: Apps: I had the squash soup, others had the pork rilette, which was summed up by my companions as "pork butter", the soup was rich, but the hazelnut praline, while tasty, was in such small pieces-- it was a bit like finding small rocks or grit in the bottom of the bowl, jarring. Main: One had the paparadelle with duck egg and smoked oyster mushrooms, two had the shortribs. The pasta is pretty much vegetarian carbonara, The beef was perhaps the most memorable for me, it was like the best memory of my mother's Sunday roast, The potatoes underneath added more texture than taste, with a few small speed-bumps of sliced turnip, Dessert: two had apple pie ice cream which was very good, I had the chocolate torte with basil sorbet. The torte was warm and chocolate, nothing exciting, but the basil sorbet added much. We didn't do the wine pairings. I tried one of their cocktails, The Empress, which was tasty and well balanced. Service was friendly and attentive--water glasses filled regularly, apology made when a second round of drinks didn't appear as rapidly as they'd intended. Both RW and regular menus were presented. Portions are small: I can imagine people leaving hungry after their meal, but it was enough for us.

            Spur Gastropub
            113 Blanchard Street, Seattle, WA 98121

        2. So we hit the RW menu at RN74. We ordered one app off the regular menu and it impressed (mushroom tempura). Nothing on the restaurant menu wow-ed. It was all extremely good renditions of fairly basic stuff (which was sort of my take on Canlis RW last spring).

          The service, as one imagines, for RW was truly bottom of the barrel. Sat 30 minutes late for the reservation, delivered incorrect entrees, general awkwardness and confusion.

          Since the one item on the regular menu was extremely good, I wouldn't take them off my list of places to try, but I do hold out hope that RW will change my mind about places (as it did at Corson Building last spring--I was wow-ed by everything.)

          Canlis Restaurant
          2576 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

          The Corson Building
          5609 Corson Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108

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          1. re: dagoose

            Thanks for sharing Dagoose, sounds like a tough night. This is what I DON"T like about SRW; when you are seated late in a good resto, for a taste of a place that you may have not ventured to before... and instead of wow-ing you, they just disapoint. What is the insentive to go back, which is the point of the whole exercise?

            We had a lovely meal at Spring Hill this week. Everything on the SWR menu was delish, and the service was as good as usual ( which, there, is sometimes less than knowlegable, so won't chalk it up to to the moment, but that they don't train front-of-house as well as should be).
            We tried to go to Lark the other night, but the no-rservations left us with an hour wait, and we were too hungry, so went back home to make pasta and duck confit from a French can...
            We have reservations for Crush on Wed., so will report on that afterward, and are really looking forward to it - the RSW menu sounds good...
            Anyone else who can give a report on experience on RSW meals eaten are appreciated.

            thanks Chowhounds!

            Spring Hill Restaurant & Bar
            4437 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116