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Oct 14, 2011 05:27 PM


One of our greatest joys since moving to Northampton has been the Chinese food at Butterfly in Hadley.
But the last several times, it feels like something has changed. First, the whole staff seems to have changed --- I don't recognize anyone, not greeter, waiters, nor busboys.
Second, the food is still good, but it's somehow been Less Than ---
Presentation not as attractive --
Food blander ---
Okay. But it used to be outstanding.
Has this been anyone else's experience, or have we just hit some bad timing?

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  1. I have always found it a little uneven, but have not been for a month or so.

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      i find them to be a bit inconsistent, but had a very swell meal there the other night with my s.o. she is particularly fond of the way they handle "mock" meats (especially with ginger sauce). and my own velvety chicken corn soup and pork with garlic sauce were as good as always. these are pretty standard orders, however. generally i have been more struck by the place's quality when i order off the gourmet menu. been regularly grabbing lunch to go from the northampton spot as well, as it's closer to work than great wall. so far, so good.