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Oct 14, 2011 05:12 PM

Southern Thanksgiving Dessert suggestions?

I am a southern boy living deep in Yankee-land (The North Woods of Maine) and every year I try to make a homemade Southern dessert to bring to my in-laws' house for Thanksgiving and Christmas (my wife is a born and bred Mainer). I have brought Shoo-Fly Pie, Pumpkin-Pecan pie, Banana Pudding, and Buttermilk pie. Any suggestions what I should make and bring this year?

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  1. Sweet potato pie. Way better than pumpkin pie.

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      1. re: Olliegator

        Try a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of sweet potatoes and pumpkin puree. Best of both worlds. Topped, of course, with bourbon whipped cream.

    1. sweet potato surprise cake. one of the best cakes you will ever eat!,186,1...

      this fresh apple cake will also knock your socks off.

      my cousin adds 1 cup coconut as well, uses only three eggs and bakes at 350 for approx. one hour in bundt or tube pan.

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        I am going to try that, Wow it looks like it should be delicous, Thank you!!!

        Edit: I am referring to the sweet potato surprise cake

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          it is truly stunning -- makes a big cake. i'd make double the frosting…cause it is that good. LOL

          i'll tell you a true story about the cake: my sister made one years ago and i was house-sitting for the weekend. i whittled a half of this big three layer sweet potato cake down to a tall thin sliver probably about an inch wide. in a WEEKEND. just ME. i could NOT resist this cake. i then baked her a brownie pie that to this day is known as "apology pie."

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            Great story pal. thank you makes me want to make it even more.

      2. Southern bread pudding with a decadent bourbon sauce, no?
        When your wife asks "bread pudding?!", you say "don't worry, its not your mothers bread pudding!"

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        1. re: porker

          Porker - do you have a recipe for a southern bread pudding and a bourbon sauce? I am trying out recipes for Thanksgiving.
          I also am going to try both the Sweet Potato Surprise Cake and the Fresh Apple Cake - have already printed recipes.

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            ooh, one of the best things about the fresh apple cake (other than the delicious cake) is -- once the cake is half-gone -- raiding the "hole" of the cake, which has accumulated nuts and coconut with extra glaze. mmm mmm goooood. ;-)). you'll see what i mean.

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              Highly secret family recipe (and we're not even southerners) handed down, so measurements and technique perhaps not so precise.
              large bowl of day-old crusty bread, cubed (don't use sandwich bread)
              boiling water
              1/2C butter cut into small pieces
              1C raisins soaked in boiling water

              Custard:(sets the pudding)
              5 eggs
              4C milk
              1C sugar
              1 TBL vanilla
              3 tsp ground nutmeg
              more butter

              Bourbon Sauce:
              1C sugar
              2C water
              2 TBL vanilla
              2 TBL cornstarch
              About 1 1/4C bourbon (your choice, but I like Makers Mark)
              more butter

              1. separate bourbon into 1C and 1/4C. set 1/4C aside, take a sip from 1C.
              2. put 1/2C of butter pieces into bowl of bread cubes
              3. add 2C boiling water, mix lightly, cover with dish towel.
              4. soak raisins in boiling water

              1. take sip from 1C bourbon
              2. whisk eggs, milk, sugar. Add vanilla, mix. Add nutmeg to taste Adjust sugar and spice if needed.

              butter a cake pan (9x13 or so), add bread mixture, custard, and drained raisins, mix lightly. top with a few pats of butter. bake in a preheated 350F oven for 45-60 minutes.
              enjoy more of 1C bourbon.

              Bourbon sauce
              1. brown sugar in pan until it becomes amber and a bit liquid, stirring often.
              2. add 1C water, stirring on the heat until sugar is dissolved.
              3. add cornstarch to 1C water, mix well
              4. add cornstarch mixture to simmering sauce until desired thickness.
              5. add 1/4C bourbon
              6. stir, adjust sugar or more cornstarch if needed.
              7. stir in vanilla and 2 pats butter

              finish off the 1C of bourbon.

              Let sauce cool to room temp, serve over bread pudding.

          2. Italian cream cake is my personal favorite Southern dessert.