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Oct 14, 2011 04:10 PM

Twelve hour risotto?

Hi fellow cooks! I'm a new poster here but I've been reading this site for a while now. You all have saved more than a few dinners for me.

Tony Bourdain posted a picture of a Skradin Risotto on Facebook today. I did some research on the recipe and found that, while the recipe itself is a closely kept secret, it is often cooked for 10 to 12 hours. I'm interested in the process behind that. Would you just cook the rice at a bare simmer? Even then it seems as though it would be done in less than 12 hours. I looked for a slow cooked risotto recipe, but for the most part I got slow cooker recipes, and since my slow cooker doesn't know the meaning of "low heat" I don't think that would work. So I'm wondering if anyone has tried a very slow cooked risotto. I'm thawing my bone bag now, along with some chicken backs and feet, and once I have a potful of homemade stock I'd love to try this out. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Hi faeriefolk15, I found this little bit from :
    "Veal is also a basic ingredient in Skradinski rižot (Skradin risotto), with the meat cooked slowly for twelve hours (or two days according to some purists) and the rice being added only at the end. Traditionally this is a ritual dish, cooked by the men of the town on the eve of a major feast day. Nowadays you will find it on restaurant menus in Skradin – although you should stick to the best Skradin restaurants if you want to eat a version of Skradinski rižot that has been authentically slow-cooked."

    It seems that the stock used in the risotto is cooked for 12 hours and not the rice.

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      I see. Thank you for the info! I was hoping for some mysterious risotto method that would blow my usual recipe out of the water. Ah well. That sounds amazingly delicious though.

    2. Found this interesting recipe post via Google search for recipe name:


      50 dag teletine bez kosti
      1 dl ulja
      30 dag crvenog luka
      2 l juhe od domaće kokoši i junećih kostiju s povrćem
      10 dag pilećih prsa
      2 dl pirea od rajčica
      soli i papra po želji
      1 vezica peršina
      10 dag ribanog ovčjeg sira

      Teletinu izrežite na komade 3x3cm. U posudi s debelim dnom na zagrijanom ulju popržite na kockice izrezan luk. Kad postane staklast, dodajte teletinu i pirjajte dok teletina ne isuši neprestano miješajući. Zatim posteperno dolijevate žlicu po žlicu juhe. Nakon 8 sati :horor: :horor: miješanja dobit ćete kašu u koju dodajte pileća prsa (bez kože) izrezana na male komade i pire od rajčica. Posolite, popaprite i pirjajte još 1 sat neprestano miješajući. Poslije toga dodajte ribani sir. Tada dodajte rižu i kosani peršin. Po potrebi dolijevajte juhu i kuhajte dok ne dobijete rastezljivu smjesu.

      Izvor: Hrvatska kuharica Nikice Gamulina Game, MARJAN TISAK, Split

      E sad, mene zanima, tko pobogu ima 10 sati vremena da skuha rižot?

      Isto tako, nešto sam prelistavala neku makrobiotičku kuharicu i onda piše o nekoj žitarici za doručak - ne znam točno sad koja je, ali koja god da je, kao, za doručak. Kuhati 8 sati!

      Zanima me, jesu li to neke greške ili se to stvarno moga kuhati tako dugo?? Jel to netko uopće radi??....."


      Google Chrome Translation


      50 grams of beef without bones
      1 dl oil
      30 g onion
      2 l soup homemade chicken and beef bones with vegetables
      10 ounces chicken breast
      2 oz tomato puree
      salt and pepper if desired
      1 sprig of parsley
      10 g grated sheep cheese

      PREPARATION: Cut the veal into pieces 3x3cm. In a thick-bottomed pan with the hot oil, fry the diced onion cut. When it becomes vitreous, add beef and cook until veal not Jesus, stirring constantly. Then posteperno empty the spoon by spoon soup.

      After 8 hours: horror:: Horror: Mixing get porridge which add the chicken breast (without skin) cut into small pieces and tomato puree.
      Add salt, pepper and simmer for 1 hour stirring constantly. After that, add the grated cheese. Then add the rice and chopped parsley.
      If necessary, pour the soup and cook until you get the expandable mixture.

      Source: Croatian cookery Nikice Gamulina Game, MARJAN PRESS, Split

      Now, I'm interested in, for God's sake who has 10 hours to cook risotto? Also, something I riffled through a macrobiotic chef and Then he writes about some cereal for breakfast - I do not know exactly who is now, but whatever it was, like, for breakfast. Cook for 8 hours! I'm interested in, whether to a fault, or it could really cook so long? Is that anyone not working?........"

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      1. re: Antilope

        sometimes these translations really crack me up!

        ""horror:: Horror::"

        "cook until you get the expandable mixture."

        1. re: alkapal

          "cook until veal, not Jesus"

          Rapture recipies?

          1. re: hyde

            I'm kind of inexperienced when it comes to veal. How long does it have to cook until it is not Jesus? Is that where the whole no meat on Fridays thing comes from? If you don't cook it long enough and you eat it with a glass of wine, does it count as communion? This is a confusing recipe.

            1. re: faeriefolk15

              Just under two ounces of beef. Veal ? No baby cows here. No farmer would raise a young milk fed cow. Animals are precious and to valuable. 280 grms ,=10 oz of chicken ( breast ) If you are poor you would toss out the rest of the chicken.Really. And 2 oz tomato puree. Not grams. This is not funny. It's what is really wrong with this country. Maybe your better at texting. It is a simple soup adding the rice at the end to thicken.

                1. re: emglow101

                  Well, that certainly clears it all up. Huh?

                  1. re: Antilope

                    Yeah, I started texting in the middle of that so I'm still confused.

                    1. re: Antilope

                      I'll give this a go.

                      ** until veal not Jesus ** = until the veal has no juices running (not juicy).

                      1. re: Cheese Boy

                        Here's my guess after running recipe line for line through a different online translator.

                        There were typos.

                        ne isuši = is not Jesus; should be; ne suši = is not drying

                        posteperno should have been postepeno (gradually)

                        dag is an abbreviation for decagram (10 grams)

                        dl is an abbreviation for deciliters (.1 liter)

                        "horror - horror" were comments from the original poster
                        not part of the original recipe.



                        50 decagrams (500 grams about 1 lb) of beef without bones
                        1 deciliter (.1 liter about 6-2/3 Tbsp) oil
                        30 decagram (300 grams about 3/4 lb) of onion
                        2 liters (almost 8 cups) soup homemade chicken and beef bones with vegetables
                        10 dag (100 grams about 1/4 lb) chicken breast
                        2 deciliters (.2 liters about 13 Tbsp) tomato puree
                        salt and pepper as desired
                        1 bunch of parsley
                        10 decagrams (100 grams about 1/4 lb) grated sheep's cheese


                        Cut the beef into pieces 3 x 3 cm (about 1 inch).

                        In a thick-bottomed pan with the hot oil, fry the diced onion cut.

                        When it becomes glassy (traslucent), add beef and cook until veal is not drying stirring constantly.

                        Then gradually empty the soup spoon by spoon.

                        After 8 hours of stirring you will get porridge (mush) you add the chicken breast (without skin) cut into small pieces and tomato puree.

                        Add salt, pepper and cook for 1 hour stirring constantly. After that, add the grated cheese.

                        Then add the rice and chopped parsley.

                        As needed pour broth and simmer until you get the elastic mixture.

                    2. re: emglow101

                      translation is wrong, it's half a kilo of veal and that's a bit more than a pound, 0.6 ponds of red onion, 0.2 pounds of chicken breast, almost 7 ounces of tomato puree, 0.2 pounds of cheese