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Oct 14, 2011 02:42 PM

Dinner in Port Douglas

We'll be in Port Douglas for one night in November and are looking for a place to eat that is:

!) Great food
2) Not coat and tie


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  1. First, there are no places in Queensland that are 'coat and tie'.

    In PD, Nautilus is nicely different because of its outdoor dining in the trees, but the service and food have come off a few notches in recent years. Generally, meals in Port Douglas are pleasant and competent bistro food - nothing more, nothing less. Seafood can be excellent.

    Zinc is a pretty good all rounder, but I'd just take a walk up the street and see what takes your fancy.

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      Second the recommendation for Zinc. If you'd like a more scenic setting I can also recommend Harrisons or On The Inlet. Not a coat and tie in sight.

    2. We were up there last year and visited a bunch of restaurants. You can see pics and comments at


      I second the comments of the other posters; good bistro food pretty much everywhere, nice mod-Asian influenced food. Harrisons and Nautilus are a bit more upmarket; Bistro 3 was probably my favourite.

      One night is a bit of a downer but hopefully you can squeeze in a nice pub lunch.

      Happy holiday!

      1. Turns out we have a choice of 4 places and our fellow travelers have chosen On the Inlet. I'll let you know what we think.