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Oct 14, 2011 02:38 PM

Miso Mart (Japanes Market in Porter Square)

Has anyone gone to Miso Mart yet?

I recently found out about the store, but I want to to get a feel for the prices before I make the trip.

If you've been to Miso's and remember some of the prices, can you list a few price ranges for veggies (ie bok choy) and fruit (if they carry it), rice, and sauces (ie tonkatsu sauce)? Thanks

Also, do they sell sashimi there?

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  1. Just saw that there's a pretty similar post, sorry for the repeat (but if you know prices, please list them)

    1. It's Miso Market. They don't have much, if any, fresh fruit, and only a limited selection of fresh veggies. And no, they don't sell sashimi or sushi. They have an excellent selection of frozen and refrigerated items (I just bought a large tub of miso for $7, if that's helpful) and carry fresh baked goods and onigiri from Japonaise Bakery.

      1. Miso is Soso.
        I prefer Reliable in Union Square and the Korean market just North of MISO next to Hana Sushi.

        Hana Sushi
        2372 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

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          Does the Korean Mart next to Hana's have produce, if so do you know the price range?

          1. re: yee33162

            No, they don't.. everything they have is frozen, with some condiments lightly refrigerated. Ebisuya still has the best Japanese produce selection. I like Miso Market's onigiri better than Ebisuya's.