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Oct 14, 2011 01:18 PM

Best Chicago Wine Store?

I usually go to the Binny's (formerly Sam's) in Lincoln Park, but traffic is always an issue. Anywhere else in Chicago-land that has a similar selection and price point? Dare I hope there might be somewhere even better? I'm primarily looking for sparkling and European wines. Thanks in advance!

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  1. This recent discussion has a bunch of good recommendations:

    Wine Shop with great selection of French Bordeaux wines... -

    1. There is a Binny's on Clark Street in Lakeview that has a good selectoin and parking on site. I haven't been in a while but Binny's seem to be pretty consistent.

      Now a days, I usually go Fine Wine Brokers in Lincoln Square. Locally owned and the people working there are smart about wine and not pushy when you ask for help (i.e., don't shove the $40 wine on you when you ask for a $10 or $15 bottle). Obviously not as large as Binny's but a really good and solid collection of European wines.

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        I love Wine Discount Centers. Their selection is not as great as Binny's the but wines tend to be very fairly priced and very good quality. Here is their web site. Note that they have a location in Chicago on Elston.

      2. Thanks, folks, appreciate all the leads. If anyone knows of a place with as good or better than Binny's selection of sparkling wines, I'm particularly interested in that. I plan to pick up a couple of cases of sparkling for a celebration at the end of this year.

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          Take a look at Howard's Wine Cellar in Lakeview. It's very small, but seems to focus on old world styles. The owner is very helpful and might even be able to help you out with ordering whatever he doesn't have in stock.

        2. If you don't mind ordering on line, D & M has a very good selection of champagne.

          1. I always like Red & White. Smaller shop, but the owners know their stuff. Talking with them and telling them the types of wines you like, they can usually offer some unique wines.