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Oct 14, 2011 01:08 PM


I have a calphalon pan, about 15 years old. I guess it was supposed to be semi non stick...It has lost all of its non sticking abilities, I assume from people washing it wsith a bunch of soap or from using metal spatula. Can I bring this pan back or is it toast? You can't season these like cast iron can you?

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  1. I don't think a true non-stick pan can be "brought back." Non-stick does not season either, AFAIK. But I am not the resident non-stick expert.

    Someone posted the other day that s/he found that a regular, plain, anodized aluminum Calphalon pan became seasoned over time, but that has not been my experience with the one I have owned for 25 years.

    1. Hi,
      I have had limited success seasoning Calphalon. Scrub thoroughly with Dormand & Barkeepers friend. Season with shortening or oil with high smoke point. If that doesn't work, call the manufacturer for warranty info. Most are under lifetime warranty & the manufacturer is very responsive to claims from everyday wear & tear. They offer quick & hassle free replacements.

      1. You may have the old Calphalon 'Commercial' pan, and it should say commercial on the bottom. If so, these likely have a lifetime warranty on them. I'd just send it back to Calphalon and get a new replacement.

        I have a Commercial set about as old as yours, and I have gotten replacements for a few pieces over the years. Go to their site, get the address, and mail it back. That's what lifetime warranties are for.

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          That's what I have, a 14" saute pan from what I think was Calphalon's first retail line. I bought it in 1984 IIRC. Gray pan, silver lid. It's held up well, and has never needed to be replaced, but it's never been nonstick.

          I used it mainly for osso bucco and the Troigros Freres' Vinegar & Garlic Chicken when I was catering. I don't need such a large pan anymore -- it cries for a professional stovetop -- but it holds a bit of sentimental value.

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            Commercial series is hard anodized cookware, not pure Teflon cookware, so they won't be quiet as nonstick as Teflon. That said, it sound like the original poster saw deterioration of its surface. It is probably time to ask for or look for replacement.