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Oct 14, 2011 01:04 PM

Going to Luray Caverns, need place to eat.

Hey all,

I'm taking my mothers to Luray Caverns on Wednesday and was looking for a non-chain restaurant to eat at in the area. We do not care for seafood but anything else goes.

We will be coming from Manassas so maybe we could eat some where in between also. Warrenton?

Also, other than the tours of the caverns, is there anything else we should see at the site?


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  1. Personally I love Hi Neighbor in downtown Strasburg, which is near where 66 and 81 come together. It's in the downtown/oldtown part and is a time travel to home cooking from the 50's or further back.

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      I love that place. Great throw back small town spot.

      Food can be a little spotty, but sticking the the specials is a good idea. Last time I was there the fried chicken was just amazing. My dining partner had tuna salad that was very uninspiring.

    2. Years ago I stayed in a great bed and breakfast called Kilahevlin, The woman who owns it recommend a restaurant owned by her ex-husband. It was slightly upscale for the area and I remember it being good. You could call her to get the name of it.

      1. The restaurant at the Big Meadows lodge on Skyline Drive is quite good. Casual, comfort food. A beautiful view and not far from Lurray.

        1. I just went to Luray last month and I packed a picnic lunch and ate it there. I didn't want to chance a bad meal.

          Good to know there are options.

          1. Had a lovely dinner a while back at Victorian Inn.