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Oct 14, 2011 12:14 PM

Bermuda Redux (Long Post)

Hi everyone, back home now and had a splendid time enjoying once again the charming hospitality of the Bermudian people. We really liked staying in a private home (the guest suite) as opposed to a hotel and had some interesting culinary adventures.

I wish we had gone to Hamilton for dinner on our wedding anniversary instead of 64 Degrees but my husband really wanted to see Port Royal. His steak was frozen and I found it dry. The stuffing in my lobster tasted mouldy, but the tuna ceviche appetizer we shared was divine. My cheesecake dessert was leaden but my husband loved his molten chocolate cake.

I encounted the mould problem as well at Country Squire (I know, I was warned) on the breading of my fish sandwich and on my husband's fish and chips. I know humidity is a problem there but it should not be allowed to affect food. Hard to avoid, I suppose. Our waiter at 64 was charming and funny and went out of his way to make our meal enjoyable. He also warned us about Country Squire, but it was too late by then. He said "They have toothless people working up in there!"

We also ate at both Swizzles and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere at the bar in the south shore one, though we drank way too much Rum Swizzle. 'Swagger out' should be 'Stagger out'.

As for the Salt Rock Grill, it became our home away from home. I had some pretty good sushi two nights there andseared tuna on a bed of spinach salad another time. I've had better elsewhere but the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed and it was only a 20 minute walk or $10. cab fare from our accomodation. The owner was very accomodating and it's always nice to meet the local people.

The one place I did get to try in Hamilton and most heartily recommend is the sandwich shop, City Cafe, across from the bus terminal. We picked up sandwiches there several times on our way to the beach and they were fresh and ample every time. In fact, the first time we stopped there was upon arrival and I had one of the best Reuben sandwiches this side of Montreal. Of course, one doesn't go to Bermuda just to eat what we can get at home but how favourably it compared to the real thing impressed me mightily.

Oh, and yes, I did get to eat a really authentic and superbly delicious fish sandwich from Misty's Takeout in Somerset. You always know a place is good if the locals eat there.

It was a wonderful trip and we will be back.

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  1. Glad you had an enjoyable visit even with the mould issues. I understand that 64 Degrees recently was sold so unfortunately, you seem to have received some rather sub-par food possibly from a lack of direction in the kitchen but it sounds like the staff were able to help make up for part of it.

    As for City Cafe, it's a bit undervalued since Hamilton has so many deli-type places. I will caveat that the owner used to be my landlord so have always enjoyed his service and the quality of his sandwiches.

    Looking forward to your next trip and report , you should try Tribe Road Kitchen next time you're back, it's about a 10 minute walk from the bus station in Hamilton. See BermudaGourmetGoddess' rather exuberant post about it (she's friends with the owner and her enthusiasm is very infectious and well deserved). I haven't been back in a while but I was rather smitten with their maple glazed bacon donuts and their eggs benedict was lovely.

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      I did see Tribe Road Kitchen, (as well as its review here) but our timing was never right to stop for a meal in Hamilton. Next time we plan to stay closer to the city so we can indulge a bit more. I'm not a big breakfast eater though or a fan of bacon in pastry. Having lost 65 pounds while still be addicted to good chow I've had to make some concessions. Being able to buy fruit and low fat yogurt as well as a pound of Starbucks coffee from the local grocery stores meant that I could enjoy a light healthy breakfast on the patio of our apartment rental with its view of Scaur Sound. It was lovely.

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        Sounds like the perfect breakfast for a vacation! Come back soon and maybe we'll have some new places for you to explore.