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Oct 14, 2011 11:59 AM

Buying good fish in NE Mpls?

Looking to buy good (but not insanely priced) fish in the NE Mpls area. Any ideas?

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  1. This is what I came up with. Now I personally cannot vouch for this place but maybe give it a try.

    1. In my experience, cheap fish in the twin cities is usually not a bargain. Some species seem to be less expensive than others. I don't know if any of the groceries on Central have good fresh fish. The Korean place on 45th, Dong Yang, has a large selection of frozen fish. I guess I'd drive 15 miles round-trip to Coastal Seafoods in S. Mpls or on Snelling in St. Paul...or at least down to the Lunds on E. Hennepin. They might have a good fish counter.

      For instance, I'd rather have high-quality fresh Cod at $8.99 / lb than a bargain Ahi at $8.99 / lb because I can with almost 100% certainty guarantee the Ahi is rotten at that price. If you can find the whole trout from Star Prairie farm in WI and the eyes are clear and the skin is shiny, it's been tremendously fresh in my experience and often costs less than $10 / lb.

      Coastal Seafoods
      74 Snelling Ave S, St Paul, MN 55105

      1. Byerly's in Roseville is not far from NE Mpls and has a big fish counter with a large selection. Check their website for sales. Prices are average and rarely insane.

        1601 County Road C W, Saint Paul, MN 55113

        1. I live in NE. I try and buy everything I use in NE.

          That said...I drive my ass to Coastal once a week.