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Maria is now in Long Valley...

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Her postage stamp sized little shop in Chester was a mecca for fresh-baked, crusty, real Old World breads, deserts, condiments-- a real mix-- but it barely contained this remarkable woman's huge energy and good taste...

She just opened for breakfast and lunch, on West Mill Road in Long Valley-- making this mini 'Restaurant Alley' ( BrewPub, Splash, Pandan) complete. Maria's coffee and lunch sandwiches, breads, FOCACIA, antipasti have drawn me to Chester almost weekly. Now she has room to breathe, 3 really comfortable small rooms where you can spread out and relax, or just get a quick bite-- or bring some of that great bakery stuff home. It is very much like being in Italy. Being around Maria is very much like being in Italy. These are attributes, certainly.

There are always little culinary surprises here that Maria provides (Italian pickled veg, really unusual imports, very fine EV oil...). Google this location: 6 West Mill Road, Long Valley, no website--- Maria is pretty much old-school, she is her own Internet, actually, she is a real major communicator. She and her foods will warm your heart. i think she splits here time between the new location and the one in Chester. If you are fortunate, you will visit her spot. If you are REALLY fortunate, Maria will be there. Enjoy...

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  1. This is a delightful little restaurant. We stopped in for coffee and a 'sweet' last week and wished we'd come earlier for lunch. Maria's is a cozy, friendly spot just minutes from the Valley Shepherd Creamery, a destination for cheese lovers in this part of the state.

    Even though it was late in the afternoon (the restaurant closes at 5), there were a number of tables occupied with people enjoying pastries or desserts. We plan to go back for lunch since the breakfast menu seems a little thin. Given the quality of the pastries we had, however, I bet even a simple breakfast is good!