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Oct 14, 2011 10:10 AM

Last trip to Paris I discovered Laduree and Hediard. What should I look for this time?

Ah, Laduree and Hediard!
Both had fantastic food items to take home with me, and also had lovely restaurants in which to take lunch.

I'd happily return to these in my upcoming trip.
But do you have a recommendation for another place of this sort?

I'm looking for:
-- interesting only-in-france food items to take home
-- bonus if there's a chic little restaurant there as well.


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  1. While you did Hediard, 20 yards away was Fauchon, did you get there? Besides soups, jellies, foie gras, there is a small cafe as well. Also if you go down Bd Madelaine about 100 yards you get to Lavinia, a superb, albeit expensive, wine store.And on Place Madelaine is Maille with it's unpasteurized mustard and great jars that is one of my first stops in town every time l come.

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      Merci bien!
      I do know we did a walk around the block. I think we even mistook Fauchon for Hediard from a distance. But if we do head to that area I will certainly check these places out.
      I have had Maille mustard but not from their shop, I don't believe.
      That is one high-toned and kicky little area. Gorgeous!

      1. re: pauliface

        The mustard from the shop can be the unpasteurized choice, costs a lot more but it is so much better. The store is the only place you can get it. Also a candy store on 33 Rue Faubourg Montmartre called A La Mere de Famille, the store and it's products are magnificent.

        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          For a gourmet store, yah, A La Mère de Famille rocks.

          For pastries, one can do much better than Ladurée, although the Madeleine address is worth a visit for the sake of history.
          Pastry-wise, Aurore Capucine's flower-flavored tartellettes are great and not self-defeatngly sweet like many pâtisseries. The store interior and the way it's run are also an experience.
          My lateset discoveries in the macarons-financiers department is the boulangerie in Marché St Quentin. The concentration of vanilla in the financier really hits one. Excellent.

          1. re: Parigi

            Aurore Capucine is eye-boggling. I get giddy when I walk in because the cakes and pastries are so over-the-top. I keep thinking the children's doggerel, "I never saw a purple cow (cake)..."

    2. To get a different perspective and to spend half as many euros, you really should step into G. Detou on rue Tiquetonne near market street Montorgueil. Two small storefronts sell excellent quality foodstuffs at amazingly low prices. No restaurant, but there are many on this tiny street as well as around the corner on Montorgueil. Or, better yet, walk south and have lunch at Spring. You can pay for it with the money you've saved at Detou!

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      1. re: mangeur

        A most excellent suggestion.
        G. Detou looks fantastic. From what I can glean online, it feels like home.

        And also, a friend had recommended Spring but it did not fit into our evening plans.
        That's a fantastic suggestion to go there for lunch.
        Thanks very much for this.

        1. re: pauliface

          Spring is an excellent suggestion, but I don't think you can just stroll over for lunch. Reservations are a must and can be made a month ahead of your preferred date.
          DLC, I know I'm doing something right since I've been to all the places you've suggested. :)
          As for G Detou, we were so excited to go there and left a little underwhelmed. Not really sure why, we knew what to expect but it just didn't do it for us.

          1. re: parisjo

            Well, I've got about a month before I go, but unfortunately it seems Spring serves lunch only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. None of those days will work. But I still may work G. Detou into things. I do a lot of cooking so it may be a good place for me.

            1. re: parisjo

              G. Detou is so overwhelming that it is easy to leave underwhelmed. They carry stuff I never knew I needed. Tonka beans. Silver shot. A dozen AOC chocolates from as many producers and in as many shapes and quantities. And an extraordinary buy, in season, prime gold wrapped candied chestnuts, but at dirt cheap prices the rejects in bulk. Multiply this kind of purchase by category and you can easily zone out and walk out with nothing. I've done it.

              1. re: mangeur

                Mangeur, you may be right. There was so much stuff everywhere we just kind of walked around and looked but didn't buy anything.
                We did like the Mora store in the same area for kitchen supplies though.

                1. re: mangeur

                  Always listen to Mangeur! We never fail to visit G. Detou to bring home their 3 kg. bags of Valrhona chocolate for making desserts. Granted, the place is not eye candy unto itself but the contents for a cook are unsurpassed in our experience.

                  1. re: Laidback

                    "Always listen to Mangeur!" -- yes. We are enjoying our stash from G. Detou -- and the incredible unpasturized mustards from the tap at Maille -- thanks to her. -- Jake

                  2. re: mangeur

                    I will also confess that I buy meat fonds by the bucket there. Not cheap, but good quality. Also dried morels and cepes. Madagascar peppercorns (just one kind from many they carry). Moutarde Violette de Breve. Oh, and vanilla beans.

                    Most of these things are available elsewhere, even in the US, but at nothing close to these prices.