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Oct 14, 2011 10:05 AM

Turduckens in DFW

Does anyone know where I can buy a pre-assembled Turducken in DFW area? I don't want to order it off the internet and was hoping there was a physical location I could go to get one

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  1. Central Market had them last year during the holiday timeframe, so I'd imagine they would this year also.

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      Try here also: http://cajunturkeyco.com/store.html

      I've never tried theirs, but found out about them when I was searching for one last year.

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        I don't think they have their holiday stuff yet (next month I guess), but I believe they've had them for several years ...

      2. You might check out this Cajun store in Lewisville. It's been a few years since I bought anything, but my experiences were positive.


        1. Thanks for the suggestions.

          What about fresh duck? I never see anything but whole frozen ones for sale.

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            Whole Foods will have them fresh starting some time in November.

            1. Eat the World on Abrams Rd near Lake Highlands has fantastic Turduckens. http://www.eattheworld.com/
              And everything else you could ever need for holidays. The menu has their old address, but they are on Abrams now. Near Royal.