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Oct 14, 2011 10:00 AM

PJ Clarkes Oyster Riot HH - too good to be true

"$1 oysters from 2:45-6:00 Monday through Friday. Top, top quality. Our chef selects one varietal per day. Why just last week, a couple was in and had 150 oysters, Hama hama as I recall." The lunchtime bartender told us this during a hamburger and beer lunch a few weeks back. I was excited to say the least. The promise of Bouchon quality oysters at ACME Oyster prices, count me in for 4 dozen minimum. Needless to say, the maxim holds yet again. It was too good to be true. In retrospect, I wisely started with an order for a mere dozen. After 25+ minute wait, they arrived. Five minutes later, half were left on the plate, our tab requested and the journey across the street to Bouchon commenced. Fortunately, a pristine St. Simon dozen and lovely Sancerre removed any trace of the previous offenders. We may have caught PJC on a bad day. I'll be back for the burger and pulled chicken sandwich but not for $1 oysters - lesson learned.

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. I went the other day. They allowed us to choose between two types of oysters -- royal miyagi and olympia, I believe. I certainly don't hold myself out as an expert on oysters, but they seemed very good to me. I thought the happy hour was a great deal.

    1. I'd LOVE some more opinions on this.