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Oct 14, 2011 07:40 AM

Where are y'all going for Restaurant Week?

I was pleased to see a Japanese place pop up, but not so jazzed about the menu (don't give me American cakes for dessert - give me a Japanese dessert!).

Bradstreet Crafthouse? Are they any good? The menu sounds interesting, but I don't know how they serve that for only $15 and still manage to pay the staff.

What's on your list?

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  1. It's been probably 2 years since I've done anything for RW. I might have to change that.

    Regarding Bradstreet, they are a small plate joint. I would think the portion sizes probably reflect the smaller price tag.

    1. I think the lack of responses here is partly due to them doing restaurant week 4 times a year now. It is a bit much, and the restaurants don't change much. Furthermore, it is basically a small discount. As someone here said, it's like getting dessert free. I think that is a good analogy.

      Having said that, Capital Grille is a good value. So are the D'amico restaurants.

      I have never been impressed with the food at Bradstreet, both restaurant week and the regular menu. Their drinks are nice and worth the $10 splurge. The food, not so much. I would go somewhere else.

      Capital Grille
      801 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55402

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      1. re: galewskj

        I'm going to Fogo de Chao. It's a big discount during RW and includes dessert as well.

        1. re: TDS1

          I generally agree with galewskj, as the novelty has worn off and most discounts don't really come down to more than getting a free dessert.

          That said, I've already got my reservation for Fogo de Chao and might check out another place or two.

          1. re: mull0263

            Yeah, I was thinking I might hit Fogo as well. Haven't had an induced meat-coma in quite awhile now ;)

            Good to know about Bradstreet.

            I know RW isn't much of a discount, but any discount is better than nothin'.

            1. re: shadowfax

              If you and your dining companion share an appetizer, each order an entree, and skip dessert (which is our normal pattern), it isn't a discount at all. In fact, it's likely more expensive than normal.

              This RW idea has been beaten into the ground and made worthless in the name of excess promotion. Too bad, it was such a good idea when it started. If anything, I'll got to a restaurant that no longer participates in this cheap money-grab charade for MSP Mag. There are a few good ones.....

              1. re: Db Cooper

                MSP via OpenTable right?

                Why people want to go to a restaurant when it's busier than normal is beyond me.

        2. re: galewskj

          For me it's not even the 4 times a year or lack of a significant discount as the reasons why I'm steering clear of RW this time. It's because last time I went to three places and was extremely disappointed by all of them in some way. Amore Victoria served still frozen vegetable lasagna to one dining companion... that's beyond inexcusable to me. It just seems like many of the restaurants can't stay on top of the rush of people during RW and quality really suffers. I'd take a free dessert if I could be assured that the meal would be worth eating. No more RW's for me.

          1. re: Seige

            I think if they're freezing lasagna, the RW rush is not the problem. It's that they serve frozen food. That's fine for chains like Applebees, but if you want to make it as a real restaurant rather than gussied-up fast food, you don't freeze stuff.

            Certainly not vegetable stuff.

            1. re: Seige

              Amore Victoria is dead to me. I had a similar experience, I'm almost positive that they were using canned soup as the sauce in their chicken marsala. It's a shame because their food was pretty good when they first opened.

          2. I have to say the lobster roll at Bradstreet intrigues me. If they execute it well, that's worth $15 by itself.

            1. I agree that it's a case of "yawn - not this again!" for Restaurant Week. Once, or maybe twice, a year would be better. Four times a year is overkill.

              That said, however, Fogo de Chao seems like a really good deal. And I've been meaning to get to Kafe 421 for AGES, because they do a special RW menu of dishes that aren't on the regular menu.

              Sure, Kafe 421 isn't in the same league as Saffron or Vincent, but they do good food at a great price. Me, I'm a regular customer who's addicted to the tomato-basil soup, the Pollo entree (chicken, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, & spinach), any of the salads (especially the steak cobb salad and the spinach-strawberry salad), not to mention the lamb burger with tsatsiki (yum!).

              This time, Kafe 421's $10 lunch sounds great - I'd do the salad with field greens, figs, and roasted butternut squash, along with the pan-seared trout. Unless I got the pastichio. I'll bet they do an awesome pastichio (it's not on the regular menu, or I'd know for sure).