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Oct 14, 2011 06:58 AM

ISO Fatback

Sausage season is upon us again and the annual quest for pork fatback begins once more. Any ressources for pork fatback, in reasonable quantities (5 to 10 kg)? Usual round of butchers and asian markets leaves me fatless...Any distributors willing to accomodate a small private order?

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  1. Sir iiffv, where do you get your meat to do your saussages??

    I'm looking for a good butcher where I can buy a whole grinded pork shoulder & where the price is good.

    Thank you!

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    1. re: Kinyo

      Sadly, "Good butcher" and "Price is good" are usually pretty much exclusive...:( If you need grinded, not much choice but to go to a butcher shop. I grind mine, so I am a little more flexible, and usually go the "Price is good" way...

      Locally, Mayrand usually has some whole pork shoulder, cheapo, but you need to grind yourself. Otherwise, asian grocery stores are also a good bet.

      Since the shoulder has relatively little fat nowadays, i usually mix in some pork belly (about 2/3 shoulder, 1/3 pork belly) and that gives a satisfactory mix fatwise. Asian butcher counters could probably grind it to order for you if you ask nicely (at least Marché Oriental on St-Denis near JT).

      1. re: sir_jiffy

        Frutta Si on Schevchenko in LaSalle USED to grind from fresh. In other words, you choose your shoulder or leg outta the casement, walk it over to the butcher where he'll skin, debone, and grind the meat. This was about 10 years ago, and although the ownership and management remains the same, the store underwent some changes (the butcher is at the back behind doors).
        Maybe they still grind, but call ahead to be sure.
        Their pork legs and shoulders are usually competively priced (read cheap), expecially this time of year.
        As for separate fat, sometimes they have plenty, sometimes not, but I'm not sure here since I don't usually get extra: I use the hind leg and make 1/2 fresh, 1/2 air-dry sausages. The fat from the leg goes exclusively into the fresh. The air-dry is as lean as possible. Again, maybe speak to them about fat.
        Maybe a long shot, but did you try Fairmont on St. Laurent? Joe is pretty friendly and will likely order anything you want. He'd probably grind for you as well. He usually has a shoulder or leg in stock, but again, if you want a piece of meat and have it ground in front of you, maybe call ahead and see if whats possible. Again, Joe is really great and goes out of his way to satisfy his customers.

        Kinyo, I'd suggest getting a grinder. Maybe start with a cheap hand crank (I use this all the time as I tend to burn out the cheap electrics...). A bit more work, but I feel 1. you can control what goes into the sausage better, 2. you're not at the mercy of finding a butcher to grind for you.

        1. re: porker

          Not related to the original question, but still on topic. Where do you guys get your casings? I have a kitchenaid grinder and sausage stuffer attachment collecting dust and been wanting to make my own sausages for a couple of years now. I recently purchased a whole piglet from Supermarche PA and had the legs removed and frozen for future use... I live downtown so good butchers are not easy to come by. Would it be possible to get casings from the butchers Atwater? Or anywhere else for that matter (I can commute)

          1. re: foodie_mtl

            I always get mine at the above-mentioned FruttaSi...
            Downtown, I'm not sure.
            Again, it wouldn't hurt to ask any local butcher who does his own sausage - he'd likely have plenty on hand. (and again, I'd suggest Joe @ Fairmont)
            Relatively speaking, its expensive (by the kilo), so getting it from a butcher's own supply might add to the cost.
            In a pinch, you can make sausage meat, form into patties, let cure overnight in the fridge then freeze. I know, it ain't the same as sausages...

            1. re: porker

              Pretty much any place that makes sausage will sell you both casings as well as the appropriate cuts to make them.

              Tranzo (Somerled & Cavendish, in NDG) sells lots of their excellent homemade sausage. Maitre Boucher on Monkland, or any of th eplaces at the Atwater market would do as well.

              1. re: porker

                For larger endeavours (50 to 100 pounds batches of sausage, there is BSA in Anjou, who sells casings to butchers but are also open to the public). Dont remember the price per pound of casing, but it amounted to 0,25$/pound of sausage.
                Agreed for the sausage patties. Unless you have a dedicated stuffer (KAattachment is worthless), you're better off going this route.

                Willing to trade MSM for MC bacon porker? Your posts on another thread have me salivating for the last couple of weeks...

                1. re: sir_jiffy

                  I just cured and smoked 2 bellies last week.
                  Also, was just watching PBS Create with Mrs. Porker and a glass of wine. Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito was on and she made homemade sausage. Mrs. Porker leans over and says "I wanna make sausage now." You might think it was an amorous advance, but no, she wants to grind pork, season, and stuff!
                  "Howsa 'bout next weekend?"
                  "Its a date!"
                  I'll have sausages curing by next Monday.

                  When I mentioned casing being expensive, I meant weight wise. It costs me about $5-$7 for a pack of casings to do a whole leg, so it isn't really that much in the big picture, but what does it cost per kilo? I don't remember, but its like $20-$30 per kilo when the pork will run $3-$4 per kilo, so its maybe 7 times more expensive than pork.