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Oct 14, 2011 06:32 AM

Simba Tropical Grill? (Claymont DE)

This is today's Wilmington-area Groupon. I've never heard of it, and the menu looks mildly interesting--a Kenyan theme, apparently. That is certainly a new cuisine for this area, to say the least! Anyone been? I'm intrigued.

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  1. 1.) HATE the Tri-State Mall.

    2.) LOVE the hours.

    3.) Interesting menu, although limited.

    I have never had this cuisine, so I would definitely give it a try. I would be wary though, as it seems SImba turns into a Karaoke Bar/Disco on certain nights (Thu-Sun???). Also, wide screen televisions in the bar could make for a loud dining experience.

    Having never been, I would certainly pick a Tuesday/Wednesday evening to give Simba a try. I would also contact the restaurant and ask what events are planned for that night, just to be safe.

    East African comes to northern Delaware. Interesting. Food looks good and sounds interesting. Definitely worth a try.

    1. The latest issue of Spark had a "review" of Simba:

      It looks interesting and definitely something different - most African cuisine I've had in the past was either West African or Ethiopian/Eritrean. It would be nice if something like this could help break the Tri-State Mall curse.

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        It's going to take a lot for me to shlep up to Tri-State Mall (I think the only time I ever went in there was to do a U-turn in the parking lot). But who knows, maybe I can get some takeout on my way home from the airport.

        The review sounds mildly positive. It is telling that the reviewer complains about bones in the goat stew. Developing-country cuisines pretty much always come with bones, which Americans have decided are nasty and unacceptable, even though stews made with meat bones always taste better than those without. (I remember another person making the same comment about the monkfish stew at Kahl-Bee.) The bones thing makes me think that Simba's food will be good, but that it will be shunned by 90% of the population.