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making hummos with roasted sesame tahini?

Aimee Oct 14, 2011 05:55 AM

This tahini is dark tan and not light beige. Would it still be good in Hummos? It seems different from the pale tahini I usually cook with. Thanks.

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    Muchlove RE: Aimee Oct 14, 2011 06:01 AM

    There's a tahnini made with unhulled sesame seeds. That's actually the kind my family always buys. It will be fine in hummus.

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      Aimee RE: Muchlove Oct 14, 2011 06:10 AM

      Thank you! It was reminding me of chinese sesame paste and I was worried that the flavors wouldn't work but I'm about to make it.

    2. luckyfatima RE: Aimee Oct 14, 2011 06:29 AM

      It is traditional to use unroasted pale tahini in hummus. However, nothing will happen if you use roasted (like Joyva brand), you will just be able to taste a stronger sesame flavor. I happen to like this flavor and sometimes add a dash of Korean or Chinese sesame oil (made with roasted seeds) to amplify the flavor of the hummus with it since I usually have regular unroasted seed tahini at home.

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        Muchlove RE: luckyfatima Oct 15, 2011 03:17 AM

        Luckyfaitma, the point I would make is that sometimes the darker tahini is not roasted at all, it is just made from unhulled seeds.

      2. Zeldog RE: Aimee Oct 16, 2011 05:31 PM

        It's excellent. I use it exclusively. I don't know if it's unhulled or toasted, but you can actually taste it in the hummus.

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