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Oct 14, 2011 05:08 AM

Brazilian BBQ restaurant

I am new to Brazilian cuisine, would anyone recommend a good, decent price Brazilian BBQ restaurant in Toronto? Ideally somewhere in North York or GTA. Thanks.

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  1. You won't get good quality/service nor decent price in this town if you are looking for the "Fogo de Chao" type experience. There are just 2 such places and they have been universally panned here and elsewhere:

    Copacabana 150 Eglinton Ave E (they also have one in Niagara Falls)
    Rodeo 95 Danforth Ave

    Have never been, I'll wait till I go to the U.S. to have it.

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        1. For rodizio style where they cut the meat table side you have a couple choices. I haven't been to Rodeo since it was renamed from Red Violin because I never liked Red Violin. Maybe Rodeo is good.

          Copacabana 150 Eglinton Ave E - is very very good! Good salad bar and excellent meats! Do not expect Harbor sixty. More like Keg quality.

          Here is a link from 2009 with other restaurants that perhaps others can comment on -

          1. Definitely read these first before considering Copacabana:


            Seems to be a love it or hate it dichotomy, like Terroni. See whose reviews you believe. Note the comments about being kicked out after a 2 hour time limit...

            I keep wishing Fogo de Chao would expand to Buffalo, then I'd go...

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              I have heard the salad bar in Niagara is not as good as Toronto. I wouldn't worry too much about the Niagara review board as you say you are wanting to dine in Toronto.

              As you will read, the great majority of people rate the place as I did above. Good salad bar and excellent meats! If you are worried about the 2 hour limit, I can confirm that this is correct. They do have a 2 hour time limit. That said, I've never stayed that long in order to get booted out. You will see, you can only eat so much meat no matter how delicious it is!! To save money go during the week when they don't have the entertainment at a surcharge.

              1. re: justsayn

                How much would it cost per person for a average decent meal/buffet?

                1. re: zollen

                  I think it is about $40.00 plus tax and tip. I believe they rip ya on the soft drink price to the tune of 3.50 or something - a guess.

                  Like some of the reviewers I have heard personally from friends that the management is gruff but I like the place too much to stop going. I suppose if they pissed me off directly I may have a different opinion. I have never had a problem.