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Oct 14, 2011 04:40 AM

Post not showing up

Twice now, I've posted on Home Cooking, and when I go back to the main page, I see that my post is not at the top -- or near the top -- of the posts. I scroll down, and the topic is where it was when I posted. I think that I haven't hit the "Post" button, so I post again. Later, both posts show up on the thread. Of course, they're slightly different, so I look like I keep on posting on the same topic. I use a Mac with Google Chrome as my browser.

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  1. When you say that "you go back" to Home Cooking, are you literally using the back button? If so, could you refresh the page for me next time it happens? This sounds like some of the inconsistencies we see off and on with the back button.

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    1. re: Engineering

      I'm not sure if I am refreshing or not, but this happened again this morning. However, when I just posted again, it showed up the way it's supposed to. Not sure if you fixed something.

      The other thing weird that has been happening, is when I read a thread that's "new," and then go back to the main page, that thread still shows as "new," but with the poster who posted last still listed as the last post. If I click on that thread again, it is expanded as it would usually be when I go back to a thread I've just read. In other words, there is nothing new, but it is not showing that I've read it.

      1. re: roxlet

        This happened to me at the end of September

        It lasted a few days which was really asnnoying. Engineering didn't seem to do anything. After clearing stuff, on day 1, I didn't do anything. It just corrected itself for some reason. Hope that happens to you.