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Oct 13, 2011 11:44 PM

recipe for La Loteria red salsa: I am offering a bounty.

I went in a few days ago and bought some salsa. I was nice, I was polite, I tipped and asked if the cashier could give me a few of the little cups to go with the thimble-sized container I had just bought. He gave me...
So, if anyone out there has a recipe that comes close (I think Loteria's salsa has actually gone down in quality over the last year) and if I can recreate it without calling on the archaic deity Baal, I will donate $20 to the charity of your choice.

(And before you say anything, yes, I know it's a business. Yes, I know that salsa costs money. I get that. I ain't no hippy. Still, though: I go to my local coffee shop and sometimes I ask Mabel for extra butter. She knows I tip and she gets it with a smile. I have shown my respect in a way she values, I GIVE HER MONEY and am polite and all that good stuff. At La Loteria, I smiled, I was polite, I PRE-TIPPED...and I got napkins.)

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  1. I've found that initially offering to pay for sundry items like salsa usually results in getting the requested item for free. Even if not, it sounds like you like it badly enough to pay for it. If your wait person refuses, you could try asking the manager.

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      "Usually" does not apply to Loteria on things like salsa. I've usually been charged about $3 for a small container (4 oz or so) of extra salsa. For a pint of salsa, I think the price is more like $7-$8. It is one of the things that really bugs me about Loteria, because it feels like I'm being gouged for something that most restaurants provide as a matter of course.

      To the OP, are you looking for the recipe for the chipotle salsa, the salsa morita, or the mole roja?

    2. I hate that about Loteria. I don't eat there often but I do remember ordering a burrito at the FM location a few years ago and I asked for some salsa and they gave me such an attitude about it. It wasn't such an obvious attitude but i could tell that they didn't want to give it to me, and that was frustrating b/c how am I supposed to eat a burrito without SALSA??? i think that put me off so much that's one of the reasons i don't go there. If you are ever in the ER area try Cacao. I LOVE their red sauce. best i've ever had and they sell containers of it there and they are generous with chips & salsa whenever you order a meal.

      1. Salsa isn't that expensive to experiment with. Roasted tomato, canned chipotle en adobo and whatever spices you can detect would be a good start. Restaurants have to make it in volume and as simply (quickly) as possible so it probably isn't That complicated.

        Try the CH search engine - I haven't been to Loteria recently so I can't recall if their salsa is similar to King Taco, Papalote, Rubio's (!) or some other well known resto whose salsa folks are trying to recreate.

        If you get 'recipe block' a Rick Bayless or Diana Kennedy book would be good inspiration :-).